From Where Did the Gospel of Birthday Cakes Did Actually Start 

 August 26, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

You all must have come across plenty of cakes that were baked only to make your birthdays special. From the white forest, chocolate, butterscotch, to caramel; different varieties of the cake are made for the celebrations. Each of it has its taste and similarly, we all have continued to follow the cake cutting tradition till now.

But however one of the strangest things which we have come across is that have you ever wondered why is it only cake which is special for birthdays? Why not celebrate a birthday with a pizza, pies, or tarts? Why only cut a cake and blow candles on my birthday? Not just this, whichever occasion it is why do people look for cakes only? Have you also ever gotten confused by these questions about the birthday cake popping up in your mind? If yes, then we would surely help you today in learning more about the gospels related to birthday cakes.

Yummilicious History behind Birthday Cakes

For all those who do not know, the credit for our birthday celebration goes to the ancient Egyptians. It is because they assumed themselves as gods when pharaohs were crowned and their day of crowning was quite a massive issue. It is their rebirth in the form of God.

The ancient Greeks then adopted this custom but realized very that a dessert can make the holiday even more significant. So, they baked a cake that was moon-shaped as an honor to moon-goddess Artemis. They festooned the cakes with lighted candles to make it appear like the moon was shining. This is the reason why we light candles on the cakes for our birthdays.

Cakes are the Main Element of a Party

Traditional birthday parties have been believed to derive their origins from the German celebration of the 18th century which were known as Kinderfest. On the morning of the special day, the birthday person will be given a yummy cake with candles placed on top of it. The number of candles is equal to the person’s age plus one extra candle. This additional candle is named as the ‘joy of life’. It signifies the promise made by the person of living another full year happily.

The next torture is that no one can eat this cake until it’s dinner time. The people will wait for the night and when the moment finally arrives; all the candles are lit up. Eventually, the birthday person is asked to blow all candles except the extra one. He/she will then close their eyes and ask for a wish from Goddess Artemis. This is how cakes were the main element of every celebration in Greece.

However, the problem people faced was that these cakes were priced at a very high rate. Therefore, only people from the upper society could enjoy them. Although there were restrictions, they did become very popular amongst the people of Greece. But finally, after the industrial revolution, the ingredients used for making cakes got cheaper and everyone could buy them for baking cakes.

We can see that in those times people were not fortunate like us. Today we all tend to have access to the best and most delicious cakes for our celebrations. From excellent online cake delivery, we can get these lip-smacking cakes at our doorstep. There is no doubt that cakes have been important to us for centuries. Now glad we do not be confused about why blowing candles or why cutting a cake for birthdays. Hope this helps in clarifying all your doubts about the birthday cakes.

BC Editorial Team


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