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  • Sh*t Silicon Valley Says

    It was just a matter of time before the meme hit Silicon Valley — and really, what took so long? The “Shit (fill in the blank) people say” craze has been going on so long that Gawker published a blog post with the headline, “We Do Not Want Your ‘Shit People Say’ Video.”

    As far as I can tell, the meme started years ago on Twitter with @shitmydadsays, which was made into a TV pilot by William Shatner. Then a few weeks ago, “Shit White Girls Say… to Black Girls” hit YouTube, and now they just keep coming. There’s “Shit ...

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  • Former President of Pacific Stock Exchange Supports Occupy

    By now, most of the stories told by the dozen or so protesters at the Occupy San Francisco press conference on Tuesday had a familiar ring. There was the sailor from Iraq War Veterans Against the War, the labor organizers and the woman who lost her home to foreclosure — all there to explain why they're calling for a daylong protest on Friday

    And then, just as the stories appeared to lull reporters into a daydream, the facilitator introduced Warren Langley, the former president of the Pacific Stock Exchange

    Langley was dressed in a suit and tie for the occasion ...

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  • Watch Scenes From Occupy Oakland's Port Action

    Check out Monday morning's Occupy Oakland's port action, which drew several hundred people.

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  • Watch Robert Reich Speech at Occupy Cal

    The spirit of Mario Savio lorded over Sproul Hall on Tuesday night and the thousands of students and supporters gathered there felt a keen sense of history.

    There were the obvious connections. As a student at UC Berkeley, Savio led the "Free Speech Movement" in the 1960s. To add, organizers of the Mario Savio Youth Activist Awards moved their previously scheduled ceremony to the steps of Sproul Hall in a show of support for Occupy Cal. 

    The evening started with a student reading of Mario Savio and the themes were eerily reminiscent of what we're hearing from students in ...

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  • Pics of OccupyCal After Party: Crowd Clears, Music Blares and Pot Fills the Air

    Late last night, as the crowd of several thousand people was leaving Sproul Plaza, students started blaring Michael Jackson on the speakers and the OccupyCal after party was on!

    MJ has been a regular on the Occupy Oakland playlist but not quite the revolutionary song? 

    "When you play MJ, everybody wants to dance," said a student in charge of the music. "And we want people to stay!"

    Students wanted people to stay in case the police decided to move in.  There was some debate about playing music on the speakers. Amplified music after 10 p.m. is against the law ...

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  • Lounges in Lieu of Tents: Scenes from the Occupy Cal 'Strike'

    Mark (who didn't want to give his last name) is an alum of UC Berkeley and graduated in 1982. He's sitting in a chair just outside Sproul Hall, where students and supporters are taking part in a student strike and Occupy Cal rally. On Nov. 9, protesters tried to set up tents in front of Sproul Hall, where they clashed with police.

    He notes the student's sense of humor. "The cops said no tents, so they bring out furniture: a couch, rugs, a piano," he said.  "This is very charming." 

    Mark says he's out here to ...

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  • The Colbert Report Picks Up on Occupy Cal Videos

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  • Taxi Driver Giving Free Rides in Support of Oakland's General Strike

    Hearing that there was a back up at the Oakland Ports, I hailed a taxi and Michael Spanier pulled up. As we drove off, the meter was at about $22. 

    “Um, are you going to reset the meter?” I asked.

    “I’m not charging today,” Spainer said. “I’m doing the work but I’m doing it for free all day. I’m not going to be part of the commercial activity in Oakland today.”

    Spainer has walked through the Occupy Oakland encampment but he wouldn’t call himself an Occupier. He hasn’t been to the general assemblies, he ...

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  • The First Tear Gas Incident at #OccupyOakland

    Lost in last night's coverage of #OccupyOakland was the first tear gas incident of the evening. At around 6 p.m. a group of protesters circled several police officers and pelted them with blue paint, which the police departmen had some chemicals mixed in. A troop of police officers came to the rescue and released the tear gas.

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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors

Citizen Comments

  • Local political leaders need to recognize that we actually can ask voters to raise their taxes and earmark them for specific purposes - such as public transit.
    Look at your most recent county property tax bill to see examples.