Fortnite – How to Get Inside the Vault on Spawn Island 

 November 7, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

If you are not content with perusing the Fortnite item shop or racking up those Victory Royales, then why not take a look into what lies behind the secret vault door on Spawn Island? You may have heard tales of what lies beyond the door, but there are glitches in which you can use to get back on the island and finding out what is behind the seemingly impenetrable door.

Getting Back to Spawn Island

Normally, a game would load in way too quickly for you to get the chance to discover much of what Spawn Island has to offer. However, there is a way for you to get back there. Firstly, go into Battle Lab mode. Then, gather plenty of materials whilst searching for Fortnite Weapons, then get yourself a boat. Once you have a boat, start heading towards the helicarrier out in the sea. A glitch will activate in which you will go into the first-person mode, before switching back to the usual third-person view.

Once you are under the helicarrier, jump out and start using those materials to head upwards. You need to head up quite far, but eventually, the vents will suck you up to allow you to float and land on Spawn Island. Since this is an Avengers helipad, you can find some neat Marvel-related Easter Eggs here, such as Nick Fury’s eyepatch in the command center, amongst others.

Finding the Vault

To find the vault itself, find where the jets are stationed and head into the base building nearby. Inside, you will find the vault door, which is seemingly unable to be opened. A panel to the side of the door states that you need a keycard in order to gain access to it. As you might know, you can get a keycard from Dr Doom’s domain, but even the attempt by YouTubers to glitch a keycard from the main game to this location, it still didn’t open the vault. Shooting the door, or even trying to smash it with Hulk hands isn’t going to help you here.

How to Get Into the Vault

To start with, you need to repeat the steps from earlier, up until the point before you are sucked up by the fans of the helicarrier. This is going to be a case of trial and error because you can’t get back down to the boat once you are sucked up. So, you might have to respawn to the main island from time to time.

You now need to ride a boat up to the ramp that you built earlier. This is the tricky part, as you get near the top, you need to step out of the boat by changing seats and build more to the ramp. Your goal is to get the boat onto the carrier. You will need to start building flat surfaces to get you and the boat over there. You need to be really careful as to not step out of the actual boat, otherwise, the fans will launch you into the air. Get your path so it is effectively over the ship itself, but there are more glitches to expose to get not the vault.

You need to make a clear path to get the boat above the back of the vault door. So, start hacking a path through the drive the boat into the small room that’s above and behind the door. Go towards the boat and you will be able to glitch through the floor.

And there you have it. You have managed to get you (and the boat) inside the secret vault. It makes a change from finding new things in the Fortnite item shop or completing traditional challenges, but it will still test you to your limits and will require a lot of patience.

Have you tried this glitch? Let us know in the comments section below!

BC Editorial Team


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