How to Fix Fortnite Chat Not Working

 July 25, 2021

By  Rob Jhonson

Fortnite, the cancer plaguing all of our youngsters. Ha! Gottcha! I’m just kidding around. Fortnite the epic battle royale game coincidentally made by Epic Games (See what I did there?) is taking the world by storm but what do you do is Fortnite Chat Not Working? How to Fix Fortnite Chat Not Working? How can you talk to your teammates again with the help of in-game chat? Let’s find out, shall we?

Easy Methods to Fix Fortnite Chat Not Working

With our extremely easy to try methods, you will be able to Fix Fortnite Chat Not Working error in no time. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Method 1 – Sign Out of Fortnite account / Epic Account

The easiest and quickest method to fix Fortnite chat not working error is to just sign out of your account and sign back in after rebooting your computer.

Once rebooted and signed in, check if your in game chat is now working as intended. If now, move to the next fix.

Method 2 – Check for Updates/Patches

Fortnite is an online game and the only way to fix online games is through regular updates and patches. It is possible that you may be running on an older game patch which may have broken the in game chat.

To check for update –

  1. Open the Epic game store and click on the library from the left panel
  2. Click on the gear icon below the game
    Fortnite Chat Not Working
  3. A panel will open, click the toggle besides Auto Update and ensure it’s blue
  4. Restart the epic games launcher and if possible, your system. 
  5. The launcher will automatically check for any new patches, if available.  
Fix Fortnite Chat Not Working

Check if Fortnite Chat Not Working error is resolved. If not, move further.

Method 3 – Update your Drivers

If you recently updated your Windows to the latest build, a mismatched sound card driver may be the culprit of your problem. To update the drivers of the sound card –

  1. Click the Windows Start Button
  2. Search for Device Manager
  3. Click Audio Inputs and outputs and find your audio card
  4. Right click on it and click update and follow the wizard
    How to Fix Fortnite Chat Not Working
  5. You can also manually scan through the manufacturer of your sound card’s website and manually update the drivers.

Check if you have Fixed Fortnite Chat Not Working errors. If not, move ahead.

Method 4 – Check if your Microphone is not blocked

In recent times, the focus has shifted towards privacy. Windows now asks for explicit permissions before allowing any app to access microphone and it is possible that you may have forgotten to approve the request or denied it. To check if Fortnite has access to the microphone –

  1. Click the Windows start button and click on the gear icon to go to settings
  2. Click on Privacy and then click on Microphone from the left pane
    Methods to fix Fortnite Chat Not Working
  3. Ensure that Allow access to microphone on this device is set to on and that allow apps to access microphone toggle is also switched on.
    Help Fortnite Chat Not Working
  4. Scroll down a bit and check if Fortnite or Epic launcher is in the list of Choose which apps can access your microphone and the toggle is set to on.

Run fortnite after you try this fix to check if Fortnite chat not working is fixed.

Method 5 – Recheck the audio settings

You know, how restarting a computer just magically fixes your problem? The same principle can be applied to any piece of technology. Recheck the audio settings to make sure that everything is hunky dory on that end.

  1. Open fortnite and click on the menu button, then click settings
  2. Click on the speaker button and turn voice chat off.
  3. Exit fortnite and go to the desktop.

Now, go to sound settings by –

  1. On the speaker icon in the notification panel, right click on the speaker icon
  2. Click on sounds or open sound settings and go to sound control panel a new window will open
  3. In the Playback tab, ensure that your speaker/headphones are set to default.
    Fortnite Chat Not Working error
  4. Click on the recordings tab and ensure that your microphone is recognized and is also set to default.
    Fortnite Chat Not Working
  5. Try speaking in your microphone while you are still in the recordings tab and see if the green bar beside the microphone moves and recognizes your voice. 
  6. If everything is set right, click ok and exit.
  7. Go back to Fortnite, enable voice chat and check if your error is fixed.

Some Common Fixes To Try:

  1. Unplug the headphone and replug them
  2. Reboot the system and restart it
  3. Restart your router to see if the network was the issue
  4. Try a different pair of headphones or earphones to test
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Fortnite as a last resort 

We hope our guide here helps you fix fortnite chat not working problem with relative ease. If you have any more questions or want us to help you with anything else, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Rob Jhonson


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