[Fixed] Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt Error

 November 24, 2019

By  Gregory

Fix Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt: Being a user of the Windows OS you must update your operating system with its latest version. Windows update is a very crucial step for every existing system to prevent its daily operations from bugs hampering, security issues and performance issues. If you have recently installed Windows 10 in your PC then you might have to face a very common error message of service registration is missing or corrupt.

Such error arises when your Windows is unable to update itself properly and Windows Troubleshooter fails to fix this corrupt or missing registration issue. Most of the computers are featured with automatic OS updating services but if you forget to turn on this feature and also to update your Windows manually, you may experience this troubling issue.

Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt

As the new updates of Windows 10 are launched, millions of users confront service registration is missing or corrupt error message. In this situation, windows won’t upgrades and stuck at 0%. As you try to upgrade, it shows an error message. This error can negatively affect the efficiency and performance of your system.

registration is missing or corrupt error message

How to Fix Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt

To improve the performance of your system it is imperative to fix these issues as soon as possible. When it comes to repairing your Windows, there are many alternatives. Pick the simplest and quickest way and fix service registration is missing or corrupt error in Windows 10.

1. Activate Windows Update & Its Related Services

Sometimes Windows update related services get disabled due to the interference of other programs. To avoid the service registration missing error, let’s have a check on services settings.

Step 1: Open Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R button at same time

Step 2: Type services.msc in the required box and click on the OK button. Services settings of Windows 10 will open

click on the OK button

Step 3: In this window find Windows Update option and Right click on it and select properties from the panel

Right click on it and select properties

Step 4: In the Windows Update properties box, go to General Settings and change the startup type to Automatic. Under the service status, click on the Start button. It enables the Windows update service. To save the changes you made click on the OK button.

Under the service status, click on the Start button

Step 5: In services Window, find out the options Background Intelligent Transfer Service and Cryptographic Services. Also, change their startup types to Automatic and their Services status to start by following the same process as above.

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2. Run System File Checker or Scannow Command

If there are corrupted files in your system, chances of error occurrence become greater. To fix the problem, you should use the System File Checker Tool. It helps you to find and fix the corrupted system files.

Step 1: At first, Run Command Prompt as Administrator by pressing Windows + X keys together.

Step 2: In Command Prompt Window, type the command sfc/scannow and press the Enter key.

, type the command sfc/scannow

Step 3: Wait till the scan process completes with 100% verification.

Step 4: Reboot your system and check the status, either your problem is fixed or not.

3. Disabling Windows Antivirus Software Programs

Ant viruses are the software programs installed to keep your PC safe. An antivirus affects Windows 10’s normal operations in many ways. While performing the Windows Update process, turn off or remove your anti-virus.

Step 1: Go to your Antivirus tab by double-clicking on its icon. Choose settings option and navigate the protection button. In the side panel option toggle the Web anti-virus turns off.

Web anti-virus turns off.

Step 2: Check if the error is resolved. If yes the update your window and turn on your antivirus again.

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4. Repair Your Window 10 Software

Repair your Windows OS to enhance its performance and ability to fix the error automatically.

Step 1: Go to the Microsoft Website and download Windows 10 ISO in your system

download Windows 10 ISO

Step 2: Go to the download menu and open the downloaded file and mount it.

Step 3: Double click on ISO file to open it

click on ISO file to open it

Step 4: Go to the Setup.exe file and run it. Follow the steps showing on your screen to upgrade your Windows.

Step 5: Restart your PC.

5. Removing Values from the Registry

This is the most accurate and effective method for solving the Service registration is missing or corrupt error. Be careful about performing each step involved in the process. One mistake can lead your OS with certain issues.

Step 1: Press and hold Windows + R keys together and type regedit and click on OK button

type regedit and click on OK button

Step 2: Navigate the following key from the backup registry database.


Step 3: In the right panel, point the ThresholdOptedIn value. Click on it and Delete.

point the ThresholdOptedIn value

By using these manual settings and changes you can get rid of the error service registration is missing or corrupts in Windows 10. These simple steps will help you to fix the Windows upgrading error and protect your PC from bugs by improving its performance. Keep your PC up to date with the latest updates of Windows 10.

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