Solved: Windows Error 0xc0000142

 June 29, 2020

By  Gregory

Error 0xc0000142: Microsoft developers constructed Windows 10 for performance and reliability, but they could not make it error-prone free operating system. The Windows error code 0xc0000142 is a serious hindrance when accessing a program functions and complete the professional task immediately. We will handle the problem and then resolve the issue using official methods. Of course, we will add third-party solution in case of the worst-case scenario.

What is Error 0xc0000142

I strongly believe that understanding the root cause of the problem resolves 50% overall task. The error code 0xc0000142 caused by program failing to open or launch. The failure might be happening because of missing system files or missing co-operative service or function. The scenario may seem similar to one specific problem, but the triggering cause is many.

How to Fix Application Error 0xc0000142

We have to identify the root cause of failure to apply and repair using official solutions one-by-one without interrupting other running services in the background.

Method 1: Compatibility Issue

Several Windows programs mention about the compatibility in the release notes, but a few developers do not add compatibility patch notes because they are either not planning to release an update for the latest build version or new update released. I recommend the readers to subscribe for the frequent updates, so they do not miss updated algorithm patches. Microsoft added compatibility feature from (probably Windows XP) Windows 7 and continued to Windows 10, and allow us to demonstrate it.

Step 1: Find the original or shortcut executable file, and click to select it, and then click on “Properties.”

Error 0xc0000142

Step 2: The executable file properties window will show up on the screen and click on “Compatibility” located at the main menu.

Windows 0xc0000142

Step 3: Select “Compatibility Mode,” click on “Apply,” and then click on “OK” to confirm the changes. Select the earliest Windows version known for working without bugs or glitches. Older Windows programs integrated for the previous version, so you don’t have to worry about incompatibility.

Application Error

Compatibility feature is available in Windows 7 or above edition and you need to find the original executable file or shortcut file.

Method 2: Missing DLL Files

If you are an avid gamer, installed hundreds of games from Steam library, then you have to keep C++, DirectX, and Dot Net Framework programs updated. Windows games do require the latest game drivers and backend drivers to support newer updates.

Majority of the game developer mention about the latest drivers required for the Windows machine to run modern games smoothly. You can check out PUBG LITE for instance, where the developers offer in-depth information on supported backend drivers along with direct download links.


Kindly, check out the official game developer’s page for more information, and you can learn more about the C++, Dot Net framework, and DirectX.

Note: I have seen websites offering direct DLL files, and I won’t recommend downloading and pasting the files in the game folder. It may contain Virus, Malware, Adware, and other online threats. Games like Grand Theft Auto 5 do not recommend gamers to approach roundabout methods and it’s subjected to straight BAN.

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Method 3: Repair Corrupted System Files

I personally experienced corrupted system files in the past, and I cannot deny that it interrupts Windows programs from functioning normally. Fortunately, Microsoft added enough inbuilt tools to counter it and repair the existing corrupted files automatically. Follow our lead towards repairing the corrupted files and during the entire process, I recommend leaving the machine alone to consume 100% resources on one task.

Step 1: Click Windows key + S and right-click the mouse to run “Command Prompt” as administrator.

fix 0xc0000142

Step 2: Now, type “sfc /scannow” in the command prompt, and then click enter to begin.

0xc0000142 error

Step 3: The scanning will begin checking system files thoroughly, and do no run application in the background.

how to fix 0xc0000142

Step 4: I want to inform the readers that SFC scanning consumes twenty minutes or more than an hour or so. Do not close the window or shut down the PC because the progress may not indicate much, but the task is pending & running in the background.

In a few minutes or an hour, the SFC scanning will identify the corrupted system files, and then repair them immediately.

Method 4: Malware Attack

Whenever I found a specific program not working properly, I run Antivirus & Malware scan. After the in-depth scanning finishes, I witness the malware and online threats reaping through the system files in PC. Always run security scans at least once a week to keep the Windows machine clean from error code 0xc0000142.

Step 1: I recommend installing free edition of Malwarebytes because they got an advanced integrated algorithm that can detect cheesy online threats.

Step 2: I have activated the premium trial version for the sake of the tutorial, and you can wipe out threats from the PC.


Step 3: Fire up Antivirus program and stat running a full system scan. I recommend Avast Free Antivirus solution for freebies, which surprisingly beats notably premium solutions in the market.

virus scan

Step 4: Do not run applications in the background because scanning process will slow down rapidly.

windows error 0xc0000142

The above snapshot explains that there was malware present in the Windows gaming PC, and I am not happy about it because they are registry-based threats. The registry keys contain important license files in it, and they can manipulate the program, let alone stop from launching it.

Method 5: Reinstall/Uninstall


I have installed more than 50+ third-party programs in my gaming PC, and I recommend uninstalling/re-installing the unknown or unrecognized applications. Getting rid of unwanted application out of the system creates a positive impact on PC resources. If one of the Windows programs interfering with specific function then it can cause Windows error 0xc0000142.

Bottom Line

Now you got five solutions to apply to resolve Windows error 0xc0000142 on latest edition of Windows. I want to inform the readers that the mentioned five methods are compatible with previous generation of Microsoft operating system. Let us know which solution assisted in resolving Windows error 0xc0000142 in the comment section below.

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