How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80240034

 March 30, 2020

By  Gregory

Fix Windows Error 0x80240034: Microsoft portrays Windows Update 10 error 0x80240034 as internal affairs and the official pages do not hold specific information on the cause. Microsoft does provide technical support over the phone, and it may come in handy to an extent. However, the engineers cannot provide an ultimate solution over the phone, if the problem is complicated. As many factors emerge after in-depth digging, only to realize that they have been wrong all along.

Error 0x80240034

What is Error 0x80240034

Microsoft greatest creation Windows offers inbuilt update mechanism that keeps the system updated. If the updates installation frequently fails and repeatedly, then your PC encountered with 0x80240034 error. The number of causes is many, and determining one specific root cause is at a difficult level. In such cases, Windows engineers explore multiple problems and then apply fixes accordingly. First, we are going to identify the problem, and then resolve it using official solutions.

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240034

Note: A quick reboot fixes the misconfiguration, so give it a shot.

1: Windows Update Troubleshooter

Microsoft encountered thousands of errors in the previous generation, and they prepared a solid solution for it. In the latest edition of Windows 10, the administrator can utilize troubleshooter for in-depth results.

Step 1: Press Windows key + S, and then type “troubleshoot” and click on the first result.


Step 2: The settings window shows up on the screen, and scroll down until Windows Update is visible. Click on the WU option, and then run the troubleshooter.

Step 3: A new small window will pop-up on the screen and let the scanner continue for a while.

Step 4: In a few moments (approximately 5 minutes), the troubleshooter feature will display solutions.

As of now, my Windows 10 PC is healthy and doesn’t seem to run out of juice any time soon. If your edition encounters advanced problems, then it will appear in the results. The inbuilt troubleshooter pre-applies necessary fixes, when encountered with known issues.

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2: Clean up old installation files & previous update files

Microsoft cleverly creates additional installation files and system files, which end up causing a menace later down the line. Consumers who have upgraded from build version 1703 to build version 1903 might suffer from system file clash. Administrators bear the responsibility to wipe out the old remnants of the previous installation.

Step 1: We suggest using the free edition of CCleaner to wipe out Cache, Old installation files, Registry keys, and junk files.

Step 2: Take a quick look at the snapshot below, and select every given option. However, keep “Wipe Free Space” out of the cleaning equation because it consumes hours of energy.


Note: Selecting multiple options for cleaning erases personal data such as browsing history, network password, etc.

Step 3: Click on “Run Cleaner” and let the cleaning mechanism continue until the task is finished.

Step 4: You can view the detailed report on what files erased during the process.

Removing old configuration files keeps the machine healthy.

3: Clear Windows Update Cache/Distribution Folder

System file corruption is not a stranger to previous versions and latest build versions. Millions of Windows machine felt the ease of breath by getting rid of Windows Update Cache or Software Distribution folder. Microsoft servers replace the old files with the corrupted ones, and they tend to get affected by the existing files. As the old saying goes, “one bad fish can ruin an entire pond” and that is what is going on with your copy of Windows machine.

How do we eliminate Update Cache/Distribution Folder?

Follow our lead.

Step 1: Fire up the good old Command Prompt as administrator.

0x80240034 error

Step 2: Now, copy & paste “net stop wuauserv” into the CMD.

error 0x80240034

Step 3: Repeat the same copy & paste sequence and paste “rmdir %windir%\SoftwareDistribution /S /Q” this time.

Step 4: Restart the service by the following “net start wuauserv” command.

windows 0x80240034

I recommend the readers to restart the PC and become a problem solver.

In the following resolution, we stopped the Windows Update service, then cleaned the entire Software Distribution folder, and then restarted the service. In case, if the Windows service does not restart properly, a quick reboot fixes the issue.

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4: Turn off Antivirus Program

Online security programs such as Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, McAfee, others suffer from misrecognizing “false positive” threats. Unfortunately, Microsoft shipping unsigned drivers, system files, and core element files directly from servers, which antivirus solutions strictly interrupts the connection and stands against it.

Again, Microsoft does spread system files that are not signed and they don’t even provide description on what the updates do. I must say that Microsoft should take responsibility for the unknown services and explain what they are about.

I hate to say it, but you have to turn off Antivirus program temporarily.

0x80240034 antivirus

Remember, any edition of Antivirus solution can interfere in the updating process. Be it a free edition, or premium edition of an online security program.

5: Update via ISO File

Brace yourself, and back up the files immediately because it’s going to be a long ride. Windows OS tend to operate slightly differently when compared to other mashed up desktop environments. Millions of machines do not hold up against file system corruption and they disperse into irrecoverable state. The installation of the latest build version of Windows offers fresh copy of system files and improved features.

Step 1: Click on the official Microsoft link. Download media file creator and then follow the MS instructions.

windows 10 iso

Step 2: Launch the saved program and then connect (16GB) USB flash drive.

Step 3: I recommend the readers to watch the video on YouTube for visual instructions.

YouTube video

This is fairly a complicated procedure for beginners and newbie’s may not be able to comprehend the instructions. A video provides play-by-play visual and verbal instructions and human mind designed this way.

Bottom Line

If your machine is under warranty, then do not hesitate to seek assistance from an authorized Microsoft engineer. I recommend visiting nearest Microsoft store and have them look at it. Do not approach third-party engineers because they can rip off genuine copy of Windows (it happened to someone I know.) Let us know which method resolved Windows Update error 0x80240034 in the comment section below.

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