Fifa: A Peek Into Its Unrivaled Realism

 August 15, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

It’s no surprise that FIFA is one of the most, if not the most, popular football games in the world. Whether you’re a hardcore football fan or just someone who knows what a goal is, FIFA provides an escape for everyone. With EA FIFA constantly reigning in the top position, it leaves you wondering how they manage to do it all. With a record of 9 million units of FIFA 22 sold and already more than 460 matches played, let’s say they are on the right field. Now that’s a number a top game would project with its launches and accomplishments.

What makes FIFA a cult favorite for all football enthusiasts?

Is it the undivided loyalty of the players, constant improvement, or the right amount of marketing of a large federation?

Well, the correct answer has been and always will be its unrivaled realism. We will dive further into the nooks and crevices. So keep on reading.

A little history before the success

Starting from birth. FIFA game made its debut in 1993 and was introduced as EA sports’ brainchild. EA Sports is a sub-company of electronics arts, which is an American gaming firm. Bringing reality to esports has been their forte, and to be honest, they are the best at their job. As we can see, they are the brain behind FIFA, UFC, F1, NHL, and more.

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) also gave its blessings to the game in the same year in the form of an exclusive license.

The game that has captured and dominated the global football scene went through its own thorny paths to perfection. With lousy goal-scoring bugs and only national teams’ participation in the game, FIFA fell below certain standards from the players. Even though tiny upgrades were made continuously, a total overhaul was required to push the game to where it is.

The long-due overhaul was welcomed in 2006, which led to major upgrades on the gaming front and the inclusion of various clubs and teams. While the franchise improved and players appreciated the new model with open arms, the updates such as FIFA online and FIFA mobile were introduced. Now it was time to load the big guns.

Currently, FIFA 22 is crashing the market with its amazing features. If you are looking for the best place to buy FIFA 22 coins, here it is. As we are aware, FIFA coins are so crucial for the in-game upgrades.

What do we mean by “Unrivaled Realism”?

No question that FIFA is one of the most, if not the most, popular football games in the world. What started as a humble 16-bit game has now reached the summit of E-sports dominance. The game has come a long way since its early days and shows no signs of slowing down.

That alone summarizes the dedication EA sports have given to FIFA and drove it to excellence.

With constant improvement and regular updates, FIFA entered the mobile after consoles and systems. The graphic updates are phenomenal, such that even the players’ victory celebrations, emotions, and expressions are captured to the T. Making you feel the tension, pressure, and even scream from time to time.

Now that’s the feature; no gamer would trade at any stake. The gameplay is set up with excellent technology and database, such that the team’s and player’s real-world abilities can be easily traced and recognized. The thrill of playing in your favorite footballer’s shoes, now why would you not love that?

You will get what you ask for, and that’s where FIFA takes the cake.

Football and FIFA: An exchange

Will it remain as loved as it has been till now? That has a straightforward answer because football is the most loved sport in the world! With more than 4 billion football fans around the world, FIFA will be cherished throughout generations.

EA FIFA is the closest thing to football while you sit on your couch. So, that’s set to be directly proportional to the love real-world football receives. Also, to add to the long list, FIFA allows the players to actually earn money by being a part of the game!

Features we have grown to love

EA is always striving to improve and be the best. Many other football games have followed suit and replicated our features, but here are some of our favorite updates that you can only find in FIFA games.

  • Strafe Dribbling: Your skills will not only be useful in this game but challenged as well. You’ll need to put your reflexes to the test and be quick to switch skills or directions to get away from tacklers. This is something that hasn’t been seen in other games, so you’ll definitely be challenged in new and exciting ways.
  • 3V3, 4v4, and 5v5 fixtures with an update on FIFA 2020.
  • Controlled tackling: Stick out your leg and let the dangerous or rough players have the taste of their own medicine. This FIFA built-in technique is certainly great to even the field.

That’s it. Now you know why FIFA will always remain to be the most loved and played game. Make sure you give it a try if you haven’t already, and immerse yourself in the sports paradise.


By Arham Akhtar

Kyrie Mattos


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