FedEx Holidays 2019 | Holiday Schedules And Hours

 October 5, 2019

By  Vada Shelby

Everybody in this world must have heard the name of FedEx since it is the most renowned name in the courier delivery service industry. Though FedEx is a US-based company yet millions of people all over the world avail its service because of its excellent service and timely delivery. FedEx has been providing outstanding service since its inception and hence it has earned the trust of its customers not only in the US but also all over the world. Thus it is seen that when it comes to courier or mail service delivery people prefer to choose FedEx rather than any other courier service providers. But it is seen that most of the customers of FedEx have only one concern – When does FedEx stop delivering? The main reason why people frequently ask this question is that they have seen FedEx work day and night throughout the year and sometimes FedEx also works during weekends. This makes people think that whether FedEx people ever take break from their work and whether FedEx observes any holidays. If FedEx observes any holidays what will be its holiday schedules and hours. It is actually very essential for the customer to know the answer to this question because they use to send gifts, important documents, and packages through FedEx throughout the year. Hence, if the holiday schedules and hours are known to the customer in advance then they can send their items well in advance so that it gets delivered well before time and never stuck due to holidays.

FedEx Holidays 2019 :

Unlike other mail service delivery providers, FedEx only observes a few holidays. But during those holidays FedEx keeps its office closed throughout the country so that their employees can enjoy the holidays to the fullest extent. Thus it becomes very essential for the customer to know FedEx freight holiday schedule so that they do not send their mail or any item on the holiday as all normal mail service will remain closed on those days. Though it is true that FedEx provides emergency service even during the holidays but people should not try to avail those services until and unless it becomes absolutely necessary since the cost of emergency service is quite high as compared to the normal mail service. Moreover, the emergency service is only catered for the emergency condition so if you use it unnecessarily you will not only pay the high charge but the essence of the service will be lost. Hence it is always advisable to know the holiday schedules and hours in advance and plan your transaction accordingly. That is the reason why in this article a detailed holiday list of 2019 is provided when FedEx will keep its all office closed throughout the country and no mail or package will be delivered. The following are those list of holidays observed in FedEx:

  • Tuesday, January 1 New Year’s Day
  • Sunday, April 21 Easter
  • Monday, May 27 Memorial Day
  • Thursday, July 4 Independence Day
  • Monday, September 2 Labor Day
  • Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving Day
  • Tuesday, December 24 Christmas Eve
  • Wednesday, December 25 Christmas Day

You may be thinking that what will happen on the other federal US holidays when the whole country remains closed such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day. Actually, apart from that above mentioned holiday list FedEx does not remain closed on any other holidays. So, except on these days that are listed in the above holiday list you will be able to send your packages and other mail services through FedEx at its normal charges.

FedEx Holiday Schedule :

Here we have come up with complete details of the FedEx ground holiday schedule so that you can plan your shipment in such a way that your mail or courier gets delivered on time and is not affected due to holidays. Apart from that, we have come up with complete details about why FedEx observes holidays on these days so that you can understand the importance of these holidays for the US citizen and how FedEx pays its respect to these US federal holidays.

  • Tuesday, January 1 New Year’s Day: Like every country in this world the US citizen also observes 1st January as a federal holiday. According to the Gregorian and Julian calendar, 1st January is taken to be the first day of the year. In the US 1st January is believed to the starting day of the year and hence US citizen is usually often found to take a break from their normal day to day work and enjoy this day to the fullest extent. When some people use to make resolutions for the entire year on the 1st January, some people are also found to worship in the churches for blessings. In many parts of the US, there is a culture of having parades. One thing that is commonly found on this day is given and take of gifts from the near and dear ones for wishing on the New Year. FedEx also observe this special day as the holiday and keeps its office close so that every FedEx employees can enjoy this day with their families. On this day mail service will remain totally closed.
  • Sunday, April 21 Easter: Along with the other parts of the world, Easter Sunday is also observed as a holiday in the US every year. In 2019 Easter falls on 21st April but it is a Sunday. That is the reason why FedEx has decided to observe this holiday on 22nd April instead of 21st April. So no FedEx office will be running on 22nd April and thus no mail or package will be delivered on that day.
  • Monday, May 27 Memorial Day: Every year in the US the last Monday of the month of May is considered to be a holiday. During this special day, all Americans used to remember those armies who had lost their lives while serving their country. All the people of America use to visit the memorials and cemeteries for honoring those armies. So, FedEx also observes this important day as a holiday for paying respect to those dead armies. In 2019, the last Monday of May month falls on 27th May. So, on 27th May FedEx will not run their mail service and thus on this day no mail or package will be delivered.
  • Thursday, July 4 Independence Day: This is another a very special day that every American use to observe with great pomp and happiness. The US got its independence from the British Empire on this day. That is the reason why all Americans use to observe and all offices, schools, colleges and other organizations including FedEx remains closed on this day as a holiday. As such no mail services will be running on this day.
  • Monday, September 2 Labor Day: Every year in the US the first Monday of September month is observed as Labor Day. Along with American Labor Day is observed in many parts of the world for honoring the contribution of the workers. Americans honor the workers who took part in the American labor movement on this day. So, like every American FedEx observes this day as a holiday. As a result all offices of FedEx will remain closed on this day and no normal mail service will operate on this day. So if you are a FedEx customer you should not expect your package to be delivered on this special day.
  • Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving Day: The fourth Thursday of November is considered a holiday bot only in the US but also in some other parts of the world. This day is called Thanksgiving Day and on this day FedEx offices will remain closed throughout the country and no normal mail service will be operated on this day. So, FedEx customers should know in advance that they will not get any of their mail or package on this day and hence they should prepare their shipment accordingly.      
  • Tuesday, December 24 Christmas Eve: In the US and also in various countries of the world one day before Christmas Day, i.e., on 24th December Christmas Eve is observed. On this day, people from all over the world including the Americans use to prepare for Christmas Day as it will be observed the next day. People of America remain busy in doing their last-minute shopping, decorating their house, preparing cake, wine, and other foods, etc. on this day for Christmas. So many offices in the US including FedEx remain closed.
  • Wednesday, December 25 Christmas Day: This is a big day for all Christians as on this day Jesus Christ was born. So on this day, Christmas Day is observed all over the world. All Americans use to observe this day with great pomp. FedEx will also remain closed on this day and no mail will be delivered on this day.

Conclusion :

FedEx is a renowned courier service company has its branches in every corner of America and it works for its customer throughout the year. But on a few holidays it remains closed and does not operate any other normal mail service delivery. So, if you are a FedEx customer you must know all details when FedEx will observe the holiday so that you can plan your shipment as per FedEx holiday schedules. In that case your shipment will not be affected due to holidays. FedEx provides its outstanding mail service throughout the world but knowing the holiday schedule of FedEx will help you to associate with the company in a better way and deliver your shipment conveniently.

Vada Shelby


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