3 Best Eye Palette for You (2020)

 May 25, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Do you like to play with fun colors or rock a smoky eye? Does your everyday makeup look include neutral tones or pops of pink? Whatever your eye makeup preference is, a trustworthy and stylish eye palette can make all the difference in your routine. Having an eye palette on hand can simplify and intensify any look you want to create.

Finding the best three eye palettes is no easy task- after looking through endless product reviews, watching multiple product tutorials, and finally comparing the formulas and brand values, we can assure you the three we’ve brought to you today are at the top of the charts for a reason. Here are the best three eye palettes in 2020:

Best Eye Palette Center

LORAC PRO Palette Eyeshadow Kit
  • Neutral tones
  • Great range of color options
  • Matte finish in all pans
  • All colors included
  • Large selection of product
  • Shimmers and mattes
JAPONESQUE Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Palette
  • Matte finish with light glitters
  • Neutral and pink tones
  • Light and dark tones included

Each of these palettes has its own unique look to offer, so regardless of your color preferences you can find a perfect product here. See more details on each palette below to help make your final choice. Which one of the best palettes are you going to take home this year?

1. LORAC PRO Palette Eyeshadow Kit

LORAC PRO Matte Eye Shadow Palette

This palette is completely matte and neutral, allowing you to create a smokey eye or nude look any time of year. The tones in this palette work with anything, so you can keep your go-to style while playing with any of the shades in this collection. The matte finishes allow for long-lasting wear that will leave you looking natural and glamorous all at once.

  • Specs
  • Pros
  • Video

  • 0.144 ounce
  • Eight pans

  • Highly pigmented
  • Easy to blend
  • Goes a long way
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Works with any skin tone

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LORAC Mega PRO Eye Shadow Palette

This product has a huge array of colors and shades to choose from, making sure you never go without a wide selection available. With a combination of matte and shimmery shadows, you can play it cool or spice it up any day of the week. This palette comes in a stylish red package with the pans arranged in an easy-to-read display.

  • Specs
  • Pros
  • Video

  • 0.62 ounce
  • 32 pans

  • Easy to blend
  • Wide range of colors
  • Multiple finishes in one product

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3. JAPONESQUE Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Palette

JAPONESQUE Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Palette

This palette has all matte shades with both neutral and pink tones. This palette is perfect for those who like to keep natural-looking shades and occasionally play with some baby pinks and deep purples to spice things up. It comes in a compact package that allows for easy transportation and has been used and loved by multiple professional makeup artists in their kits.

  • Specs
  • Pros
  • Video

  • 0.5 ounce
  • Eight pans

  • Works with all skin tones
  • Velvety touch
  • Matte finish in all pans
  • Long lasting wear
  • Easy to apply
  • Applicator included

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Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen the three palettes, it’s time to decide which one (or which ones) you want to bring home. Here is a list of some of the most important qualities in eye shadow palettes so you can decide what you’re looking for and then compare to your must-have product.

What makes an eye palette outstanding?

  • Pigmentation- Some like it light, some like it full. However you prefer your pigments, be sure to check the product review for how pigmented or lightly shaded your favorite product is. A highly pigmented product will appear bolder, but may also have extra fallout as a price. A lightly pigmented product will apply finely and will require multiple layers to get bold color. Which do you prefer?
  • Wear time- How long do you want your look to last? Although eyeshadows don’t wear off as easily as some face products, wear time is still something to keep in mind when palette shopping. Wear time refers to how long a product will stay on your skin before breaking down, running off, or smearing.
  • Finish- Do you prefer a matte finish or a silky finish? Do you like sparkles or shimmers? The three products listed above have a variety of finishes, so be sure to select the one that meets your desires and needs for your go-to look. Although each product offers a slightly different finish between the three of them, all bases are covered.
  • Blendability- Blendability refers to how easy it is to smoothen out and mix the shades together once they’re on your skin. Products with high blend-ability tend to be higher rated because they allow their users to make more fierce and smooth looks than those without great blend-ability. All three of the palettes listed above have excellent blend-ability ratings, so no matter what you choose you will be in good hands!

Color range- Finding a palette that speaks to your style is maybe the most important aspect when palette shopping. If you like nudes and neutrals, go for a palette that mostly has those pans. If you like pops of color and shimmery finishes, be sure to snag a palette with a variety of colors within the pans. Finding a product that fits your favorite style will never let you down.

Eye Palette FAQs

What is the best way to apply eyeshadow?

There are so many ways to apply eyeshadow! Depending on the look you’re going for and the colors you’re using, there are many ways to work a shade. See our linked YouTube videos below each product review for some inspiration!

Are certain shades made for certain skin tones?

No. There are some eyeshadow colors that might look better on certain skin tones depending on the intensities and usage of the colors.

What’s a good way to remove eyeshadow?

My go-to method is using a cotton pad and micellar cleansing water. I wet the pad and simply wipe it across all areas of my face, rinsing the pad when it gets too full of product. Afterward, I use toner and moisturizer. Micellar water and durable cotton pads almost always do the trick.

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