Extreme Recreational Party for Men 

 March 8, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

It has been a stressful week and your brain is all mushy.You want to breathe, kick back and let loose with the boys, have a party, do something fun and healthy at the same time. You pick up the phone to check with the crew and discuss what you guys can do to expel that cooped up stress but you and the boys seem fresh out of ideas. Soccer is a bit too sporty for fun, so you think paintball? Then you realize, too messy. What about a simple movie night? Well…too static? Come on, there has got to be something right? Yes there is!

Looking for the right recreational party to chill out with your friends is stressful on its own but worry no more. We have lined up three extreme recreational party activities that will get your heart pumping, your mind relaxed and your stomach aching with laughter.

Nerf War

I know what you are thinking. This is a children’s game…erh…no. Wrong. Hear me out, this is an adrenalin packed activity that transcends age. Most of you played this activity when you were younger, having fun at birthday parties and community BBQ. Now the fun can continue. Nerf wars are a great way to get your insides cracking as you and your buddies fire shots at each other. Planning a Nerf war party doesn’t require much which adds to its appeal as a cool recreational party since all you really need are Nerf blasters and good open space.

You can either plan a Nerf war with your buddies or hire a Nerf party event organizer and yes… its a thing. There are companies that organize Nerf war parties like MobileNerfParty with all the goody Nerf blasters and some offering indoor or outdoor spaces to light up your friends. So link up with the boys, get your helmets and body vests, lock and load your blasters and laugh your heads off.

Bubble Soccer

Not many people have heard of bubble soccer and when I heard of it I thought it was a joke too. Guess what though, it is a fully recognized sport with its very own governing body, the BBA, Bubbleball Business Association. Now the two words don’t seem to match, bubble and soccer? That’s putting together candyfloss and beer but surprisingly, it works beautifully.

For those who think this game might not be suitable for a recreational party,well…sorry you are wrong. This game gets you running in a bubble and laughing on all fours. Bubble soccer is the recreational activity of playing soccer while your head and upper body is encased in an inflated torus bubble. With the same rules and objectives as regular soccer, the game can be played in large indoor or outdoor spaces.

Birthday parties, corporate parties and sporting events, bubble soccer is a game for friends, family and co-workers to bond over. It is hilarious witnessing players bumping and rolling over in the quest to push a ball across a field. Get the band together, put on those bubble suits and let’s see if you can dribble through to goal without bubbling with laughter.

Archery Tag

Feeling more along the lines of teaming up with Green Arrow and his team? Or you prefer to relive moments form The Hunger Games? Archery tag or more commonly known as archery combat is a fun action sport to play with your friends. A new face in the recreational sport field, the sport game is a combination of three other sports which include,  Archery, Dodgeball and Paintball. The rules of engagement are simple. Players form teams of five, armed with a bow and foam tip arrows.

When the game begins, players race to collect arrows in the center of the playing grounds and head back to their respective ends before proceeding to shoot at opponents. Elimination occurs when a player is struck by an arrow and a revival for an eliminated player when an arrow is caught by team mates. Due to the use of flying objects, players wear protective gear like helmets and use bows with with a draw weight less than 30lb.

There are lots of recreational activities to engage you and your friends. These games are meant to provide stress relief and bonding between people. So go on out there, get some fun in your system and laugh with your buddies.

BC Editorial Team


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