Exploring Flavors: 8 Delicious Dishes You Can Make With Mirin

 August 15, 2022

By  Elle Gellrich

Mirin is a commonly used ingredient in several Asian dishes. Similar to sake but with more sugar and less alcohol, this Japanese sweet rice wine is a staple in many Asian households for hearty meals. But as a well-used ingredient in many dishes, it might be a bit overwhelming if you are looking for options to try after buying one from the grocery store. After all, Asian cuisine is already a massive food category itself.

But there is no need to look further if you are looking for dishes with mirin that you might want to try. And the best part: you can even use a mirin substitute if you do not have this Japanese sweet rice wine on hand. And without further ado, here are eight delicious dishes you can make with mirin.

Hunan Chicken

Let us start the list with an Asian dish that everyone can enjoy. Chinese cuisine has a vast selection of savory and flavorful recipes. Whether it is several pieces of dumplings or a hot bowl of noodles, you will never go wrong with this category if you want a hearty meal. Hunan chicken is also a tasty option if you want to savor a mirin-based sauce. Aside from mirin in the sauce, this dish also offers heat thanks to Indonesian chili paste. It also has stir-fried vegetables and slices of juicy chicken breast for an authentic Chinese dish.

Vegetable Lo Mein

Despite what many people may believe, not all Chinese dishes are complicated or complex to cook, and some are quick and easy, making them ideal options for people who do not have much time to cook due to their tight schedules. And if you want to try a healthy, quick, and easy vegan dish, this vegetable lo mein is the perfect Chinese recipe.

This dish comprises lo mein noodles, carrots, peas, and bell peppers. Meanwhile, the sauce consists of soy sauce, mirin, and sesame oil. Feel free to garnish the dish with sesame seeds before serving it!

Shoyu Ramen

Mirin is also a commonly used ingredient in Japanese cuisine. And as we all know, the Land of the Rising Sun has a vast selection of flavorful dishes. From classic sushi to crispy tonkatsu, many people adore these Asian recipes.

But if you want a staple Japanese food for a cold day, use your mirin to make a bowl of shoyu ramen. This timeless dish offers a stock of umami, hearty pork, and soy-based sauce. Serve it with chili oil, toasted sesame oil, and shichimi togarashi to make it even more delicious.

Mushroom Tofu Soup

Ramen is not the only Japanese dish you can make with mirin to warm you up during a cold day or season. The Land of the Rising Sun also offers hot soup recipes you can easily make at home. And if you want an easy and healthy soup recipe ideal for a cold day, try cooking up some mushroom tofu soup. This dish contains nutrients and flavor thanks to vegetables like edamame, shiitake mushrooms, and baby spinach. Simmer these tender ingredients in a tangy broth and serve with scallion and bonito flakes for an authentic Japanese soup.

Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Japan also offers many meat recipes that everyone can savor and enjoy. Maybe the first foods that come to mind include tonkatsu, karaage, or a juicy Wagyu steak when people associate meat with the Land of the Rising Sun. However, Japan has more juicy and tasty proteins in its selection of hearty dishes.

Teriyaki recipes are one of them, and this version is a perfect option for first-timers to try Japanese cuisine. This dish offers savory chicken wings coated in thick and flavorful teriyaki sauce. Sprinkle the wings with sesame seeds and sliced green onions for a tasty Japanese meal.

Sesame Crusted Tuna With Ginger Cream

You can also pair mirin with several seafood recipes. After all, many Asian dishes use mirin to bring out more memorable flavors. So if you want a seafood dish for an authentic Asian experience, try to make this sesame-crusted tuna with a ginger cream recipe.

Enjoy oceanic flavors brought to you by a perfectly seared and seasoned tuna. You can also savor the taste of ginger and chili with this recipe, which is perfect for pescetarians. Do not forget to add ginger cream and stir-fried noodles to make it more memorable!

Mustard-Glazed Chicken With Arugula and Bok Choy

Since mirin is a commonly-used ingredient in several Asian recipes, it is no surprise that this list features different umami-filled dishes. Whether you cook a Chinese dish or a Japanese meal, you can expect that these flavorful recipes will leave you with a full belly. Another Asian dish that uses mirin is mustard-glazed chicken with arugula and bok choy. Aside from tender slices of chicken breast, you can also savor the buttery texture of bok choy. A side of arugula salad completes the hearty and healthy meal recipe.

Pasta and Chinese Cabbage in Ginger Broth

And lastly, pasta meals are probably something you do not expect or usually associate with mirin. But hear us out: this pasta and Chinese cabbage in ginger broth recipe is a perfect option for a cold day if you have pasta in your home but not noodles. It may be a bit questionable, but this Asian-inspired dish is just as good as several noodle recipes.

Pasta is not the only hero ingredient in this dish; this recipe also features Chinese cabbage and tofu. A hot broth of ginger and mirin completes this dish for a warm Asian meal, perfect for cold days.

In a Nutshell,

Mirin is a pretty versatile ingredient you can use in many dishes. Aside from Asian dishes, feel free to explore and experiment with other possible recipes you can try to make with this ingredient. These eight options are some of the many savory options you can make with mirin. For more cooking options, ideas, and inspiration, visit Recipes.net!

Elle Gellrich


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