Evolution Of Technology

 February 5, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Today, technology runs our lives. If we look around, we cannot seem to function without mobile phones, tablets, or computers. This radical transformation of society has reshaped the world. It helps us to finds new ways to work, develop new habits and become more organized as human beings. These changes have led to offer a vast range of opportunities across every field. The speed at which the world around us has changed is mind-numbing. But, be aware that the evolution of technology has been an opportunity as well as uncertainty every year.

If we look back at the ’80s, the internet was a brand new concept for many people. The memory of the slow dialing process is not a good one because that was painfully slow. People today found the value of the internet, and the use of phone lines was eliminated, where people receive calls faster on the internet.

The days of dial-up are long gone, and almost everyone has access to the internet. If not the internet, many people have their cellular data in the range. You can forward a picture in a matter of seconds, you can connect to your friend sitting abroad.

In this day and age, there is an application for everything. With the easy internet access, businesses are developing web apps to answer the needs of their customers. They can be ordering food from anywhere or sending a massive amount of information with one click.

From text-only messages to imagery, GIFs, emoticons, and much more, texting has come a long way. Now, with the trend of video sharing or voice notes, the trend of texting is shrinking.

On social networking sites, people engage with one another. You can upload a picture or comment under your friend’s post. The constant connection and interaction between people is owed to technology. It helps the communicate easily, and keeps people closer to each other, even if they are miles away.

Technology has forced people to develop something greater every day. Though the future cannot be predicted, in the upcoming time with technological advancement, we will have the ability to accomplish more and things and there will be an unthinkable rise in artificial intelligence. With that, smart devices will evolve to work in a better way.

The deeper look we have into technology, the more we realize that the physical and virtual worlds are being blended. Smart homes, smart cars, smart speakers are on their way, but this is just the first step.

If we think of the Internet of things, like vehicles, home appliances, or any electronic machine incorporated with software. We will be able to exchange data on all these connected things. Imagine your clock indicating to you about the coffee that is brewing itself in your kitchen. Sounds unbelievable?

In this dynamic world, living without technology is quite a task. The inevitable part that technology is playing in our lives has made our lives easier and solving our problems is an easier task in the present time. We cannot imagine a life without technology, because it has become necessary for our survival in this quick phase world.

Though the evolution of technology is remarkably beneficial in some aspects it has its side effects too. As legit fake ID 2021 has now become a common regulation. People misuse the privilege that technology has given and affect others’ lives. Online harassment, cyberbullying, emotional abuse, sexting, sexual exploitation, and much more cases like these have become very prevalent. This indicates that the evolution of technology has its side consequences. For that, there should be proper cybersecurity for everyone to overcome these situations. Either way, these acts may increase and leave a very nasty impact on innocent peoples.

BC Editorial Team


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