Everything to Know About Mediclaim for Family

 August 28, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

We never can predict when a medical emergency could arise. These medical emergencies can exhaust one’s lifetime saving because of the increasing cost of medical bills and hospitalization expenses. This financial burden can make it difficult for us to get care for one of our loved ones. Thus there is a need for some preparation that individual must indulge in so that one faces no issue in countering these emergencies. One way of doing so is buying the right mediclaim for family as well as for themselves. One must remember that mediclaim and health insurance policy are two different plans with different meanings. Many people confused these two and thus it is important to understand the basic difference between these two. The mediclaim insurance policy is an indemnity-based insurance plan where the policyholder is reimbursed for the medical expenses borne by him. On the other health insurance plan provides lump sum payment to the insured in case of an accident or illness. Based on one need one can choose which insurance policy is best suited to them.

Mediclaim for a family has become very popular among the masses as it provides the individual to cover their and their family including spouse and dependent children’s hospitalization expenses easily. Thus with one mediclaim policy, the individual gets safety of their family. Under mediclaim policy, the claim to the insured amount can be done in two ways. These are mentioned below:

Reimbursement: Under this, the individual is reimbursed for all the expenses such as hospitalization expenses, doctor fees, room rent, tests expenses, etc. To get reimburse fairly, an individual must inform about the medical emergency and keep all the original documents related to medical bills, etc. These bills and payments slips are to be submitted to the insurance company as proof and thus based on which the individual will get reimbursed.

  • Cashless Claim: The mediclaim policy also allows for the cashless procedure of hospitalization at the hospitals tied with the specific insurance company. In case of planned hospitalization, the individual is required to submit the pre-authorization form as well as a medical card issued by the insurance company at the network hospitals. In the situation of an unexpected medical emergency, one can proceed with the cashless procedure with the medical card and thus later submit the pre-authorization form. To avail the benefit of easy and convenient cashless claim one must look at the networks hospitals earlier so that there are no issues.

Mediclaim for families provides various benefits to them. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • This policy safeguards individual and their family members in event of medical emergencies in an affordable manner. Under the single plan, the whole family gets insured and thus gets the right treatment at right time in case of a medical emergency.
  • The mediclaim policy provides relief to the policyholder as there is no need to keep the schedule of different premiums of all the family members. With one premium insurance, the individual and their family are good to go.
  • Also with the mediclaim policy, the policyholder can avail of the tax benefit under section 80D. Thus not only one is financially secured in case of medical emergency but also a lower financial burden.
  • With the availability of the cashless procedure, the individual can avail the medical care without any need for spending from their pocket.

Hence these are major benefits that the beneficiaries of the mediclaim for the family can enjoy. Further one can buy this policy online without any issue. Some of the benefits of buying mediclaim policy for the family online are mentioned below:

  • Ease: The online buying of mediclaim for family provides ease to the individual as all need to complete few steps and thus one is good to go in getting the required insurance plan. There is no need to put so much effort under online buying of mediclaim policy and thus making it the preferred way of buying the policy.
  • Paperless processing: The online buying of mediclaim policy allows the paperless processing of the application procedures. This makes the whole process more convenient and eliminated all the hassles that otherwise one has to face in manual processing. Besides the insurance agents through live chats and other options provides answers to every applicant’s queries.
  • Saves Time: The time taken to complete the whole procedure is significantly reduced through the online buying of mediclaim policy for the family as there is no need to visit the insurance company physically and complete the formalities. All the formalities are completed online and thus one can get their insurance plan far more quickly than the traditional model.

Hence these are major benefits of buying an online mediclaim for family. One can easily avail of the benefit of online mode by buying it from the Care Health Insurance. Care health insurance provides the maximum convenience to their customer through their online processing of insurance plans.

BC Editorial Team


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