Err_Connection_Reset: Ultimate Guide to Fix Error

 May 9, 2022

By  Gregory

Are you an avid user of the Internet? Do you have a Windows 10 laptop? Do you face difficulties while surfing the internet or accessing a program on Windows 10 once in a while? Do you see Err_Connection_Reset error on Windows 10 often? If yes, roll up your sleeves, we will help you today to fix Err_Connection_Reset error on Windows 10 without even sweating a little. Gear up! 

In this article, we will examine the err_connection_reset error in Windows 10, the causes, and possible remedies in this tutorial. This issue often happens when you attempt to launch a software or visit a webpage on Windows.

When this error occurs, apps or your browser act strangely and crash or fail to load correctly. This even impairs the local server’s performance.

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What is Err_Connection_Reset Error?

“This Webpage is not available ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. The connection was reset.” – If you encounter this message in Google Chrome when attempting to view a webpage from a Windows 10 computer,  it indicates that the website you are attempting to access is unable to establish a connection with the destination site. 

To ensure that the issue is not with the site, try to see whether you see the same error while viewing other websites. The issue is with you if you continue to receive the Err_Connection_Reset error from every website you attempt to access. Troubleshoot the issue using the solutions given below. 

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Suppose the problem occurs just on that particular website. In that case, it might signify that the site is unavailable or that something has prevented you from accessing the site, such as your ISP, your computer’s firewall, or an antivirus tool. 

You may verify this by viewing the webpage from a separate computer or by asking a friend to see whether the site is accessible to them. If no other computer can access the site, this indicates that the site is unavailable. If such is the case, you have no recourse. 

Reasons for Getting Err_Connection_Reset Error

The most likely causes of this problem include an enabled firewall, third-party software installed, malfunctioning routers, and proxy configuration. Additional culprits include:

  • Browser-stored cache files.
  • Permission difficulties with the supplied file.
  • An out-of-date Java version.

Identify and stop these services, perform troubleshooting instructions, configure the maximum transmission rate, and reset the Ethernet and Router using the web browser. Don’t worry we will be talking about the solutions to fix Err_Connection_Reset on Windows 10 in detail. Keep scrolling!   

How to Fix Err_Connection_Reset Error on Windows 10

Generally, reloading the webpage, restarting Chrome, or restarting the machine resolves the issue and correctly loads the page again. If not, here are some effective solutions that will help you resolve Err_Connection_Reset on Windows 10 with ease. 

So, let’s not just waste more time, have a look at all the fixes to solve Windows 10 Err_Connection_Reset error one by one. 

1. Deactivating your Antivirus and Firewall 

Windows Firewall is a built-in tool that protects against unwanted access to various apps. In certain cases, this may block a few services on your System, resulting in issues such as Err_Connection_Reset when browsing.

You should briefly disable the firewall and check whether the problem resolves itself to alleviate this problem. The following is the procedure to follow: 

  1. Type Control Panel in the Task Bar Menu search bar. Click on Control Panel from the list of results. 
    Open Control Panel
  2. Once Control Panel is opened, choose Windows Defender Firewall.
    Click on Windows Defender Firewall
  3. From the left pane settings, choose Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off
    Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off
  4. A new window will be opened, click on Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall under Private and Public Network Settings. 
    Turn Off

2. Disable the Accelerator Feature for AppEx Networks

It is well-known that the AppEx Networks Accelerator slows network connections. According to many, it reduces network speed by 70% to 80%. It is recommended that you disable this. Check below steps to know how to disable the AppEx Networks accelerator feature on Windows 10: 

  1. Open Control Panel by following Steps from the above method. Click on Network and Sharing Center. 
    Open Network and Sharing Center
  2. From the left pane settings, click on Change Adapter Settings
    Click on Change Adapter Settings
  3. A new window will open. Select Properties by right-clicking on your network through which your Internet is connected.  
    Right click on Network Adaptor
  4. In Networking Tab, uncheck AppEx Networks Accelerator under “This connection used the following items:”. 
  5. Click on OK to save and exit to determine whether the error has been resolved or not.

3. Adjust the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) Configuration

If the Maximum Transmission Unit setting is wrong, the Err_Connection_Reset on Windows 10 issue may occur. You can rectify this by following the instructions below. 

  1. To open the Run dialogue box, right-click the Windows Start menu and select Run, or press the Windows + R keys simultaneously on the keyboard.
  2. In the Run box, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter.
  3. From here, you can view all of your PC’s network connections. Make a note of the current adapter’s name.
  4. In the Task Bar Menu search bar, type cmd. Choose Run as administrator by right-clicking on Command Prompt.
    Run Deployment Image and System File Scans
  5. Depending on whether you are using an Ethernet or a Wireless connection, type the below command and press Enter.
    netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface your network connection name mtu=1472 store=persisten
    Change “your network connection name” by the network name you wrote on the above step. 

4. Reset Using the Netsh Winsock Reset command. 

To accomplish this, open the Command Prompt as an administrator and type the following commands into it, pressing enter after each one: 

  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /registerdns
  • nbtstat –r
  • netsh int IP reset
  • netsh Winsock reset

Following that, restart the system to apply the changes. Reopen Google Chrome and navigate to the website that previously generated the Error_Connection_Reset error. I’m hoping that you won’t have the same error again and can easily surf the internet without much worries. 

If now, check the below solutions that will help you to fix Err_Connection_Reset error on Windows 10. 

5. Disabling the Proxy Server

To safeguard your System from unauthorized hacking, a proxy server is an effective solution. However, in some instances, it may cause the Err_Connection_Reset error. Disabling proxy using the procedures below may help resolve this issue. 

  1. Click on Windows Icon on the extreme bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Click on Settings from here. 
    Click on Settings App
  2. Select Internet & Network from the Settings menu.  
    Click on Network and Internet
  3. Then, on the left pane, click the Proxy tab. Following that, navigate to the right pane and deactivate all the toggles that are turned on
    Disable Proxy Server

That’s it; now verify that the solution outlined above resolves the Err_Connection_Reseterror on Windows 10. If not, do not worry, we have many other fixes and sure one of these will work for you. 

6. Disable the Option for DNS Prefetching

Many users report that disabling the DNS prefetching options worked for them to solve Err_Connection_Reset error on Windows 10. There’s nothing bad in trying and that is why the steps below will help you to disable the DNS prefetching on Windows 10. Check out: 

Please note that mostly this kind of error occurs in Google Chrome so the steps are mentioned keeping the same browser in mind. But, most settings in every browser are almost the same. 

  1. Click on three-vertical dots on the extreme right-hand corner of the Chrome browser. 
    Click on Three Vertical Dots
  2. Using the drop-down menu, choose Settings. 
    Choose Settings
  3. A new tab will open, click on Privacy and Security on the left pane followed by Cookies and Other Site Data on the right pane. 
    Click on Privacy and Security
  4. Disable the toggle for Preload pages for faster browsing and searching
    Disable the Preload Toggle

At this point, you should exit the web browser and reload it. The Err_Connection_Reset error problem may be fixed when the next you start your Chrome browser. 

7. Delete your Browser’s Cache

If none of the other methods worked, you should investigate the Chrome browser. The browser cache cookies may be creating the problem or maybe blocking the connection, as shown by the message “this site cannot be visited because the connection was reset.”. To delete cache on Chrome Browser, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the Chrome web browser. Go to the Settings as shown on the above method. 
  2. On the left pane, choose Privacy and Security followed by Clear Browing Data on the right pane. 
    Choose Clear Browsing Data
  3. Click on Advanced Tab. Now, pick a time period (to erase everything, select all time), and check the boxes next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. For a safer side, select Browsing History as well. 
  4. Finally, click on the Clear Data button. 
    Delete Chrome Cache

Restart your Chrome browser and see if this resolves Err_Connection_Reset error. If not, keep scrolling and keep trying other solutions. 

8. Disabling TSL 1.1 in Chrome

The Error_Connection_Reset issue may occur in Chrome if TSL 1.1 is enabled in the browser’s settings. Disabling this feature will assist in resolving this issue. Simply follow these steps to disable TSL 1.1 in Chrome:  

  1. To begin, ensure that Google Chrome and its associated services are closed
  2. Select Properties by right-clicking on its icon
  3. Under the Shortcut tab, add –SSL-version-max=tls1 in the Target box after the quotes. 
    Add the Command
  4. Click on Apply and then OK buttons to save your changes. 
  5. Reopen Chrome and check to see whether the issue has been resolved.

9. Verify your Permissions 

Sometimes, this bug is only a Rights issue; thus, you should immediately begin granting the required permissions to resolve this issue. Carry out the following procedures to do so: 

  1. To open File Explorer, simultaneously press the Win+E keys. Expand the Windows folder on the C: drive by clicking on it.
    Go on C Windows Folder
  2. Locate the Temp folder in the list. After locating it, right-click it and select Properties from the drop-down menu.
    Right Click and Click Properties
  3. A new window will open, click the Security tab and then the Advanced option from here.
    Click on Security and Then Advanced
  4. Then, in the Owner section, choose the Change option.
  5. Type a valid user name in the field “Enter the object names to select” and then click on Check Names button.
  6. If the name entered is correct, click on OK button to apply the changes. This will add your profile to the area for groups or user names.
    Click on Check Names
  7. Proceed by selecting your user profile and tapping OK once more to authorize the Full control in the Allow column.
  8. Finally, click Apply and OK to save the changes.

10. Run Internet Troubleshooter

Run the built-in Internet troubleshooter, which assists in diagnosing and automatically resolving issues that may prevent you from accessing online pages. 

  1. Go to Settings Menu and click on Update and Security from here. 
    Click on Update and Security
  2. On left pane, click on Troubleshoot followed by Additional Troubleshooters on the right pane. 
    Click on Troubleshoot
  3. Click on Internet Connections. From the drop-down, you need to select Run the Troubleshooter. 
    Run the Troubleshooter
  4. This will initiate the diagnostic procedure; after completed, reboot your computer
  5. Now open the chrome browser and attempt to view the web page to see if the connection reset problem persists.

11. Remove the Ethernet Cable from the Switch. 

In general, a broken Ethernet switch may also cause the browser to display the Err_Connection_Reset error. If you are not utilizing Ethernet at the moment, you should unplug its switch. 

12. Install the Latest Version of Java

If your System has a Java application, ensure it is updated to the most recent version. This is essential since, in the majority of cases, this will result in an Err_Connection_Reset error.

13. Restore the Windows Registry 

If the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET or a similar connection error occurs, it may be the consequence of a faulty Windows registry. As a result, you must repair your Windows registry. 

This may be accomplished by installing one of the several utilities available, such as registry cleaners. After scanning and repairing the registry, do check your system and we are hopeful that the Err_Connection_Reset error has been gone. 


Have you checked all the solutions listed above to fix Err_Connection_Reset error on Windows 10? Did any of these work for you? Do let us know in the comments section below that which one of these solutions to fix Err_Connection_Reset on Windows 10 worked for you to benefit our readers. 

Also, if you are facing any problem while following any of these methods, do let us know and we will resolve it for you. 



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