Emotions Over Floyd’s Death Are Now Crossing Borders. Where Is US Political Leadership?

 June 12, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Violence against minorities in the United States dates back to the 1600s. From Hispanics to Blacks, Latinas to Native Americans, and Muslims, almost all non-white communities of America have been subjected to racial and communal bias.

Under the current government, not only systematic racism was encouraged but also such policies were established which clearly marginalized suffering communities. In a recent row of events, two innocent Black lives were lost to the racial discrimination at the hands of police. Breonna Taylor was shot 8 times while sleeping in her apartment and George Floyd was choked to death under police custody.

The crimes against the Black community occur not only at the hands of so-called law enforcement agencies but also at the hands of common white American people. Ahmaud Arbery was a 25-year-old Black man killed by white men as he was on his way for jogging.

All of these incidents have sparked rage amongst many people across the world. There are numerous rallies and protests which are being organized and held worldwide. People all over the world are startled by America’s barbaric treatment of its Blacks, especially after the video clips of George Floyd’s murder were circulated on the internet.

The reaction of the International Community

The representatives of various countries including Canada, Iran, and the United Kingdom have spoken out against the brutal murder of George Floyd. Other countries may not have issued political statements but allowed their nationals to hold peaceful protests in solidarity with the Black Americans. These include New Zealand, Germany, and Brazil.

Countries like China have expressed their concern over the mistreatment of Blacks and several others have expressed anger and disgust over social media. According to the political experts, these reactions are contagious and American government will continually be criticized for its careless response unless the government makes the right decisions.

In a recent social media discussion, people were asked to suggest ways that would put an end to ongoing unrest in the United States post George Floyd’s death. Many Americans responded to this query by saying that mere lip service won’t do the job.

According to the input gathered from the responses of people with diverse nationalities and not just the Americans, the solution to current unrest lies in the eradication of the systematic racism.

There is one form of racism which is the obvious one, the one we see every day being practiced in news like Floyd’s death. There is another form of racism which is called systematic racism. It is the adoption of racially discriminating policies by institutions and authorities in a subtle manner. For example, Blacks not allowed to enter a certain restaurant or going to a certain school because that would upset the white supremacists.

An interesting fact is all of these discussions and debates are being held by local and international media and people independently. There is no interference or involvement of the United States’ political leadership.

Where is America’s Political Leadership

While many American celebrities and members of the Republican party did speak up against institutional and other forms of racism post George Floyd’s death, when it comes down to Trump, all we hear is crickets.

Trump, who is currently representing America’s political leadership and is supposed to lead Americans through this difficult time, issued a statement condemning Floyd’s death initially. He did empathize with the family of Floyd.

However, since his initial reaction, Trump has not made a serious effort to address the issue of racism in America. Since May 25th, whatever statements Trump has issued with regards to the current unrest or Black Lives Matter movement have a condescending tone to them.

As if the President could care less about Floyd’s murder even if the whole international community is screaming out loud about what happened to George. It is both, interesting and disappointing to see such a reaction from the President himself.

Analyzing Trump’s Little Involvement

If we analyze the way President Trump has responded to the current situation, one cannot help but wonder how naïve is America’s political leadership. From baton charging to threatening and putting the unarmed protestors in jail, President Trump is first to use force and last to get emotionally or politically involved in the issues of national concern.

The reaction from the international community is unanimous. People from all walks of life – sportsmen, actors, singers, human rights advocates, politicians even businesses demand justice for Floyd. The internet has made it easy for people across the globe to take part in virtual protests. So many Instagram users, beauty bloggers, Tik Tokers, food bloggers, common people, social media users from different countries, and various cultural backgrounds have protested Floyd’s murder by putting up a black picture.

The Black picture is usually accompanied by hashtags ‘blackout2020’ to show solidarity and support with the Blacks of America. Even the Muslim community from all over the world raised their concern. With so much going on across the world and people advocating for justice for Blacks of America, Trump’s silence is not just deafening but also puts a question mark on his integrity as a leader.

Was Trump really never concerned about other races and minorities existing in America? Does he secretly believe in white supremacy himself? Why would he refrain from commenting openly against racism and taking the right decisions to eradicate systematic racism? All of these questions need to be answered.


Trump’s silence over Floyd’s death and the strategic avoidance of his memorial point towards a harsh reality- the President was never really a leader of the American people in true essence. He is just a businessman with his economic gimmicks and white supremacy agendas. This is exactly why he has been persecuting immigrants and border lining other non-white communities of America.

If American people really want political leaders to represent them in years to come and lead them through times of crisis, then they must vote for a person with better vision and policies. The world is watching the American people and the international community is taking notes. The results of next Presidential Elections will speak volumes to the world about what an average white American thinks of the non-white American communities.

If Americans continue to vote for people like Trump, it would be evident that it is the American nation that needs to be schooled on human rights and racism more than other countries in the world. Ironically, this is what America has been doing for so many years in the past. Educating people around the globe about human rights, this time the ball is in their court.

BC Editorial Team


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