Does the Vaccine Lottery Make Sense?

 October 7, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

With the breakout of the pandemic, we were all waiting for a vaccine to end this nightmare. However, when there are vaccines, not all people are ready to risk taking them. The reason might be because these vaccines are still under experiment. Infection with Coronavirus is not something you choose. Yet, getting the vaccine is something we choose.

The matter is similar to gambling. You choose to play and bet with a certain amount of money. However, in gambling, online slots as gry maszyny hot spot offer free versions to try it first. So, there is no risk in this case. Similarly, countries try to encourage citizens to take the vaccine. However, they cannot guarantee any risk. So, other methods are implemented.

One of these methods is the vaccine lottery. This is to offer prizes for random people, provided that they are vaccinated. The lottery is a promotional technique many companies use. But, will it work for vaccines?

How Governments Encouraged Vaccinations

Since vaccination is a completely different situation, there are different methods to encourage people.

Cognitive Appeal 

For example, using cognitive appeal. Here they try to convince people to take the vaccine because it is the right thing to do. If you are not vaccinated, you will get infected. Very simple, isn’t it? Yet, there are people who already took the vaccine and got the virus. Thus, a cognitive appeal will not always work in all cases. The world is still not sure that vaccines are 100% effective.

Building Trust 

Another way to encourage vaccination is building trust in the vaccines. Several governments have done so by using celebrities, political figures and others taking the vaccine. This way, they hope people will believe in the effectiveness of the vaccine. It works in a similar way to the traditional word-of-mouth marketing method.

Vaccine Lottery 

The new method some countries are trying here is the vaccine lottery. Considering the fact that people already want a safeguard against Coronavirus, they incentivise them to take the vaccine using a lottery. Also, since the vaccine is free, people have no reason to stay away from lottery cards. All you need is to take the vaccine to protect yourself in the first place. After that, you can enter the lottery and win a prize with no additional effort.

What if you saw someone you know winning a prize in the media? This will encourage more people to take the vaccine. It works like word-of-mouth from one side and an incentive from the other side.

In brief, people who are hesitant to take the vaccine may evaluate it from a gains and losses perspective. This perspective is different for each person. Yet, without diving into any details, the vaccine lottery seems like a winning game. Even though vaccination may not give you a 100% safety level, it can at least decrease the symptoms. In the worst-case scenario, it won’t infect you with Coronavirus. Adding to the possibility of winning something, even with a minimum level, it seems something people would like to try.

BC Editorial Team


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