Does the Tokyo Olympic Games Make Sense?

 October 7, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

It was a great honor for Japan when they were awarded the Olympic Games for 2020. It was evident that everyone wanted them to hold the event. If only they had known what was about to happen and the challenges that it would throw them. The Covid-19 pandemic hit hard, and they had no choice but to cancel the games. It is not like playing gry na automaty where you can be safe at home and have fun. Here there would be people traveling from all over the world to compete and to observe. People had to make decisions; none of them was easy.

The First Instance

Even though it was clear that the games could not go ahead, it is understandable that Japan wanted to host them. At the time, they decided to postpone the event. They expected that by Summer 2021, the pandemic would be under control. Also, they thought that the games could go ahead as normal. Also, they would have spent a lot of time and money to get to the stage they had reached regarding building arenas and training residents to be volunteers. Some people would have already arranged their tickets. Others would have already booked flights and accommodation. And this would be both from within Japan and around the world. If they decided to cancel the games, it would be a long time before Japan was on the radar to host them again.

Does it Make Sense to Hold the Games?

To a degree, it does make sense to hold the games. And this is not just from the point of view of the Japanese people. The main reasons are:

  • There are athletes from all nations who have trained hard to be at the peak of fitness for summer 2020. They will have then had to carry on this strict regime for a further year. For some, this will be the only time they qualify for the Olympic Games. And for others, their age will ensure it is the last one they can compete.
  • There is also the idea that the world needs something going on. At present, there is a football championship going ahead, and it is popular. People feel that they are getting their freedom back. It will be the same in Tokyo, although there are different battles to face.

Unlike the football tournament, the majority of the events will take place in one city. Competitors, spectators, the press, and officials will all be there. That could be too much of a risk.


There is an argument for and an argument against holding them. It makes sense, as organizers cannot postpone games for another year. It brings people together, and the spirit of the Olympics shines through the doom of the pandemic. The area where it does not make sense is when it comes to the health of all involved. That includes everyone who lives in Tokyo. The pandemic has not gone away, and not everyone has received the vaccine. Whether holding the games makes sense is hard to understand. What does make sense is the reason the Japanese want to host the event.

BC Editorial Team


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