5 Best Discord Bots in 2021

 August 15, 2021

By  Gregory

Discord Bots is a blessing for gamers and streamers. I checked out the market for the first time and was stunned because too many bots were available, which confused me. Finding the correct elements for the server is vital to keep the community engaged and loved. I joined more than 10+ Discord bots, most of which are challenging to handle. Here is our Discord Bots List required for Gamers & Streamers in the community, and I excluded spam robots in it.

Discord Bots

Note: I’m listing the Discord Bots that I use personally to keep the server engaged & clean at the same time. I’m an administrator of the Discord server, so this is not a random list picked from the internet.

How to add a Discord Bot?

I joined Discord at the beginning of 2019 and had zero knowledge about it. Of course, starting a new server is essential to keep the gamers engaged and keep them around your content. I want to show the

1. Rhythm (Music)

I didn’t know the importance of music elements in my server until I gathered several members on a voice channel. I have high-speed internet to access YouTube and listen to music online from Spotify. Rhythm is a Discord music bot that offers MP3 music from the YouTube platform, and it works excellently for 3G or above connection users.

Listening to the music with friends on the Discord server makes it even more special, especially when you can Play, Pause, Skip or Add more to the playlist. If you don’t understand the language, you can fetch the song’s lyrics as well. The most important thing about Rhythm is that you don’t need to enter the complete song name or URL that matches the YouTube video title because the bot does 98% of the job.

Basic Commands:

Always add an exclamation mark without spaces to use it.

  1. !summon – use this command to summon Rhythm to the voice channel.
  2. !p (song name) – To play new songs.
  3. !skip
  4. !pause
  5. !lyrics (song name)
  6. !SoundCloud (song name)

By default, the Discord Bot is set to search for music content from YouTube, so you don’t have to type anything specific here. Overall, the free music element for your server will bring pleasantries to members.

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2. CouchBot (Streamer’s Announcer)

Are you a streamer? This Discord Bot is for you and offers plenty of features needed for modern streamers. First, I want everyone to understand that it works with Twitch, YouTube, and the other two. CouchBot 3.0 will live very soon, and I consider this element an essential part of streamers.

I gathered a massive audience on the Discord platform because I know that it connects content creators. Whenever you go live on YouTube or upload a video, CouchBot sends a notification to everyone on the platform. The notification includes URL + Thumbnail + Title + your channel logo and platform name. Of course, a custom notification, “XXXXX Gaming has gone live!”

3. Tatsumaki (ranking system)

Discord is more than a server where hundreds of people are waiting in line to feel special by the creator. I want the audience to spend time on the server talking and engaging with others. It isn’t possible without the presence of the audience.

Tatsumaki bot is a blessing for me because it rewards the people who are highly active on the server, chatting in texting channels. Of course, I hold the highest engagement record on the server and am ranked #1.

I created unique roles for Level 10, Level 20, Level 30, Level 40, and Level 50. Many members are coming back daily to start a new conversation and increase the level of the unique role. I treat the active members as special and always reply to them because I consider them essential people.

Tatsumaki informs the members that they have leveled up from #1 to #5 and I award them a unique role when they reach level 10. You can also check the list in #check-your-ranks, where you can find out who is in the top 10 spots.

4. 24/7 (music)

24/7 is a musical server Discord Bot designed to play music. Listen to random English songs on the voice channel, and it never stops playing music. Honestly, 24/7 is a voice channel that plays English songs all the time, and I recommend it for a server with over 1000 members.

The free edition offers streaming options such as playing Spotify music, which is impossible in other Discord Bots. You can also play YouTube videos in MP3 format without length limitations. Of course, you need a good internet connection for a bufferless or lag-less experience. A premium version also offers premium features such as high-quality audio, server-wide volume adjustment, repeat songs, and import Spotify playlists and albums.

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5. Dyno (security)

Dyno is a necessary Discord bot that every server administrator should add. The robot was designed to record server activities, and it has personally helped me learn about who left the voice channel, why they left the server, what messages were deleted from the texting channel, and more.

As an administrator, many people come to the server to spread the word about their product, leaving instantly. I can keep track of those members who joined to spam and go immediately. Nobody can play smart on the server because you can access Dyno logs, check the deleted content & trackback in-depth details.

There are additional features that I like about Dyno. The moment a new member joins, it assigns a beginners’ role, also known as “Auto Roles,” by the developer. The robot also announces when someone newly joined or left the community.

Dyno is a strong layer of protection for my server because it keeps the texting area clean by warning “No Links Allowed” to the members. The robot detects foul play when a member is spamming the area with mass texting, leaving links behind, and spamming across the server.

Dyno is a must-have Discord Bot for streamers and gamers for a cleaner & spam-free community.

Bottom Line

I have mentioned the five best Discord Bots that everyone should consider adding to the server. I’ve seen a more remarkable improvement in engagement from existing members and always kept the texting channels clean from spam. Of course, several innovative Discord Bots are available in the web market, but you need to create a user-friendly environment first. Let us know which Discord Bot you will use in the comments below.

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