Democrats Election Strategy For 2020 

 May 11, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

The Democratic Party is one of the oldest and largest political parties in the United States of America. It was founded in 1828 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The first Democratic President, Andrew Jackson,  was elected in 1829.

Throughout history, Democrats have bid for issues such as abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, softer immigration policies, and greener economic policies that support environmental preservation, etc. They have done so with the help of media of those times.

If you were to ask Democrats about their strategy about dealing with Trump in the November 2020 elections, they would have said forming on-ground connections with people with aggressive campaigns, the traditional idea of telephone marketing, and probably all other media of advertising.

However, all thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are now forced to stay inside homes and avoid social gatherings. While the last two methods of marketing and advertising are still workable, building one-on-one relationships with voters through those heart-to-heart social meetings would not be possible. In such instances, the internet may come to the Democrats rescue.

Democrats Election Strategy for 2020

1. Doing Things The Digital Way

With growing technological advancement and incorporation of digital media, the number of people reliant on social media apps for their day to day motivation to buying stuff and decision making has also grown drastically. The newer generation is hooked on to social media for almost every little detail.

With changing times, updated technological infrastructure, and a generation with completely different sets of beliefs, mindsets, and attitudes; it is important for American political parties to follow suit and adapt to the changing times. In fact, the Democratic Party is actually doing that for quite some time and thus, gaining popularity among the masses.

According to a study in 2019, an Instagram influencer with around 45000 followers posted a video of a Democrat candidate and mentioned the fact that she supported him because of his views on various subjects. Some days later, the Democrat had won the election by around 5000 votes.

While one part of his win could be attributed to his party policies, the truth is in order to reach out to younger voters, America’s political parties do need to adopt a swift promotional plan which does include using social media platforms.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, people are being advised to stay inside homes, therefore the idea of using digital influencers for an indirect election campaign can come in handy, especially in these times.

2. Playing the Corona Virus Card

The other strategy which can and is still being used by the Democrats to defeat Trump in November 2020 elections is playing the Coronavirus card too well. While the current President cannot be blamed for the onset of the virus, he is certainly being targeted for his delayed response and non-serious attitude towards the pandemic. The democrats are using all media channels and paid advertisements to build on Trump’s failure as a proactive and far-sighted President in such trying times.

The Democrats are also doing well in painting the bad picture of the economy once the virus gets settled down and the economic activity goes back to the normal level. The far-reaching impact and the level of unemployment that Americans will have to deal with is going to wipe away Trump’s image as the one who did well in creating jobs in the economy.

While Trump is busy attacking Biden’s relationship with China and holding China accountable for the COVID-19 spread, the Democrats are massively spending on advertisements which show Trump’s response to the coronavirus as a careless gesture and ask people to hold him accountable for his mismanagement.

Tough on one hand, indulging in massive advertising campaigns with COVID-19 as the weapon at heart used against the current President, there are chances that these campaigns may not sit well with every person across America. It is because these ads may come across as opportunist and less humane activities to beat Trump and would make Democrats seem like they are trying to use the virus spread to their advantage.

3. Using Trump’s Impeachment Strategically

Last but not the least; Democrats are also using the incumbent President’s impeachment and the reasons behind it to their maximum advantage. Trump’s attitude towards the environment, healthcare, and abortion laws are very much likely to get him criticized apart from his foreign policy and warring attitude towards different nations.

The current virus spread has led to many deaths and employment losses too in the United States. All of these, in addition to Trump’s taxation policies, which appear to favor the rich and tax the poor are all that will add up to people’s psychological and emotional states by the end of 2020.

The Democrats are doing well to cash this opportunity emotionally and psychologically, wining its lost votes back especially in the states it previously held majority votes in.

Just like a slowly brewing pot bursts suddenly if not maneuvered properly, people’s responses towards Trump’s administration will change drastically if the current way of handling of the COVID-19 crisis stays the same.

All the relief cuts that were being provided to eligible Americans before Trump took the office and changed policies will serve as a cherry on the top and without even realizing, Trump will have lost a battle he was sure to win had not COVID-19 hit the people and economy of the country hard enough.


Though the ones who favor Trump still argue about the fact that no matter how he handled domestic and international policies, Trump did succeed in uplifting America economically before this pandemic. The truth is, post-pandemic people might not even give to a second thought out of desperation because of lost jobs and loss of loved ones.

The current strategies opted by the Democrats can be categorized as extremely intelligent and far-sighted since they are targeting the audience from varied age groups on their preferred media. From running digital ads to hiring social media influencers, Democrats are playing their cards well.

BC Editorial Team


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