Deal Alert: Save 20% on the Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker

 September 3, 2023

By  Joshua

Are you a fitness freak and want to stay on top of your fitness? If yes, you’re in good for some good news. Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker is available on Amazon at a 20% discount. You better not miss the offer!
With Inspire 3, do what you adore while feeling the best of yourself. All you have to do to wear this small health gadget on your wrist. Monitor health indicators like body temperature and blood oxygen levels, and receive regular results that indicate how effectively you’re handling stress or how prepared you are for exercise.
1. You may learn to know your body and take care of it by keeping an eye out for variations in the rate of your heart at rest, blood oxygen level, body temperature, and other areas.
2. Utilize the daily personalized score to see how effectively your body responds to stress.
3. A high score indicates that you’re prepared to take on challenging tasks, while a weak result indicates that your body needs some self-care.
4. The Daily Readiness Score shows you what your body can take according to your stress, rest, and activities so you can adjust your training schedule accordingly since you get greater results when you pay attention to your body.
5. Do you drift off like dolphins or sleep soundly like a bear? Learn about your sleep personality and adjust your routine accordingly. Receive a full review of your sleep monthly that highlights your strengths and areas for improvement.
6. Better go, better flow, and more amazing, with a battery life of almost a week.
7. Active Area Minutes keep tracking the time you utilize in your desired heart-rate areas, so you are rewarded for exerting more effort. You get twice as many minutes when you do out in the cardiovascular exercise or peak zones.
8. Check for indications of an abnormal heartbeat that might be atrial fibrillation (AFib), and let your doctor know if anything stands out.
9. Your Fitbit Inspire 3 will notify you if your heart rate deviates from the normal range when resting because an unusually fast or slow heart rate could indicate an issue.
10. At the front entrance, assess your level of stress well. With the help of Fitbit’s awareness workshops, you can learn healthier methods to handle stress so that you always stay in control.
11. This value indicates your body’s ability to pass on oxygen. Fitbit makes it extremely simple to monitor your blood oxygen levels so you can find out when your health may be about to change significantly.
Product Specifications
• Touch Screen: Yes
• Compatibility: Android, Apple iOS
• Water Resistant: Yes
• Maximum Depth of Water Resistance: 164 feet
• Band Material: Silicone
• Case Shape: Rectangular
• Clasp Type: Buckle
• Display Screen: Yes
• Color Display: Yes
• Clock Display: Yes
• Backlit Display: Yes
• Adjustable Brightness: Yes
• Customizable Watch Faces: Yes
• Internal Carrier: Not Applicable
• Bluetooth Enabled: Yes
• Wi-Fi Compatibility: None
• GPS Enabled: No
• Mobile Notifications: Yes
• Alert Type: Vibration, Visual
• Silent Alarm: Yes
• Vibration Alert: Yes
• Product Dimensions LxWxH: ‎0.71 x 0.43 x 1.54 inches
• Item Weight: 4 ounces



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