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Reporter’s Sketchbook: Sea Lion 'Silent Knight'

Illustrator and naturalist Tammy Stellanova took her sketchbook to the Marine Mammal Center at the Marin Headleads to check in on Silent Knight, the male sea lion that was found at Swede’s Beach in Sausalito on Dec. 8 with gunshot wounds to the head. Although blind, Silent Knight is recuperating well. But the animal will never return to the ocean and Stellanova was struck by how his life had been changed “in a huge and permanent way.”

Monday, a $2,500 reward for information regarding the shooting was announced. (Call the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration hotline 1-800-853-1964.)  The search continues for a zoo or aquarium to house Silent Knight permanently.

Silent Knight portrait

Silent Knight resting




Silent Knight feeding





Silent Knight sketches


Silent Knight pinniped


Silent Knight in pen

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