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Interactive: Big Homes and Low Taxes on the Gold Coast

$4,000 in property taxes, or $400,000? It depends on who you are.

The properties highlighted in black are those that pay either the most tax or the least tax per square foot on Broadway from Lyon Street to Broderick Street. Click on a property highlighted in black to see its estimated market value, assessed value (the home's value for tax purposes), tax bill, and more.

For more information on our data and sourcing, see below the interactive map.

Full story: On Gold Coast, a Legacy of Low Taxes

Data is from the San Francisco Assessor-Recorder’s office or PropertyShark.com, a service that aggregates real estate data from public and proprietary sources for a dozen U.S. markets.

The Bay Citizen estimated market value per square foot of $2,000 to $3,000 for all the Gold Coast properties. Many other factors can affect value, such as view and condition of the house. That value range was based on interviews with local real estate professionals with long experience in the top tier of the San Francisco market. The house at 2799 Broadway sold in August 2009 for $3,680 a square foot. And though the asking price of a property can differ from what it will actually sell for, two properties on this two-block stretch of Broadway are currently on the market: 2901 Broadway at $6,571 a square foot, and 2950 Broadway at $4,540 a square foot.

Square footage, even drawn from public records, can be imperfect and impossible to independently verify. For example, the sales brochure for 2901 Broadway claims that it has 10,000 square feet, though the sales material is careful to note that this figure has not been verified.

For simplicity, The Bay Citizen has used the most recent 1.159 percent tax rate, the rate used in PropertyShark’s calculations.

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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors
The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors