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Finding Bourdain


Anthony Bourdain has arrived in San Francisco with much fanfare, and Bourdain Spotting has become something of a sport, with people tweeting and blogging sightings all over town.

He —of the mournful eyes and sardonic soliloquy— is in town shooting scenes for his Travel Channel show “No Reservations” and possibly for a new show called “The Layover.” His possible visit was announced two weeks ago when Zeitgeist said that his show (but not him) would be filming scenes at their bar on August 12

Nonetheless, people speculated that his arrival in San Francisco was imminent, and they were right. Bourdain has been so many places in the last two days, we wonder if there’s more than one of him. He even hit the Tonga room with his crew, who (according to a tipster) bravely jumped into the pool in the center of the Tiki lounge’s floor. Bourdain, however, abstained.

This isn’t Bourdain’s first trip our fair Bay. He was here in 2009, chowing down at places like Pirate Cat Cafe and Tadich Grill. He also famously took a swipe at local-food movement progenitor Alice Waters during an interview with DCist, during which he said she “annoys the living shit out of me.” So, maybe no stop at Chez Panisse?

We’ve heard that Bourdain is no longer in town, but if you have spotted him, send your tips to culture@baycitizen.org.

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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors