3 Best Color Corrector for Your Face (2020)

 May 19, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

If you haven’t tried color correcting before, now is the time to start. Color correctors are commonly overlooked, as many people don’t see them as essential. Color correctors help mask the discoloration and brighten dark blemishes underneath your foundation to give the skin an even and glowing tone.

To find the best three color correctors of 2020, we went through product reviews, product formulas, and video tutorials to find the products that received the most praise. With all-around beneficial and beautiful qualities, these three color correctors won’t leave anyone hanging.

Best Color Corrector Center

stila One Step Color Correcting Facial Serum
  • Corrects all tones at once
  • Light and foamy to the touch
  • Brightening and nourishing formula
Stila Correct And Perfect All In One Color Correcting Palette
  • Pans for all tones
  • Stylish compact
  • Neutralizes any skin tone
Dermablend Quick-Fix Color Correcting Powder
  • Multiple tones in each container
  • Large shade range
  • Reflective shine formula

Each of these three products has its own unique qualities to offer. Look into each one with more detail below to see which one is best suited for your needs.

1. stila One Step Color Correcting Facial Serum

stila One Step, Color Correcting Facial Serum, 1 Fl Oz

This three in one serum snags all skin problems and covers them for a perfect finish before you even apply foundation. The elements in the formula work together to even and brighten skin tones all at once.

  • Specs
  • Pros
  • Video

  • one fluid ounce
  • comes in pump bottle
  • serum form

  • goes a long way
  • works on sensitive skin
  • covers dark circles

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2. Stila Correct And Perfect All In One Color Correcting Palette

Stila Correct And Perfect All In One Color Correcting Palette

This color-correcting palette includes all colors you could ever need to even out your skin tone and conceal any blemishes while getting a natural finish. With seven pans to choose from, all skin tones, shades, and blemish types are accounted for with this product. The convenient palette it comes in is both stylish and practical.

  • Specs
  • Pros
  • Video

  • 0.45 ounce
  • 5 creams and 2 powders

  • includes instruction chart
  • wide variety of colors
  • variety in product form

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3. Dermablend Quick-Fix Color Correcting Powder

Dermablend Quick-Fix Color-Correcting Concealers, 0.14 oz

This product’s contents are in powder form, making it the perfect selection for someone wanting a matte finish in all of their beauty products. With multiple tones to choose from in each individual container, this product gives users a versatile and customizable color correcting experience.

  • Specs
  • Pros
  • Video

  • 0.14 ounce
  • powder forms

  • covers dark circles effectively
  • works under the eyes
  • easy to use
  • creamy finish in a matte powder
  • blendable
  • works well on top of or underneath concealers

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Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read the details on each product, the final tool you’ll need is our buyer’s guide. The guide below can help you identify which qualities of color correctors are the most important to you. Once you’ve decided what you need in a product, check back with your favorite product from above to make sure it has what you need.

What makes a color corrector outstanding?

  • Coverage- Making sure your product of choice has coverage you are satisfied with is key. Whether you want light coverage for simple lines or full coverage for bigger skin imperfections, finding a coverage level that is right for you is the first place to start.
  • Wear time- How long do you want your look to last? Wear time regards how long a product will stay on your skin before breaking down, running off, or smearing. Maybe your days are long or maybe they’re done by lunchtime. When selecting your favorite color corrector from above, be sure to take into account the wear time and compare it to your daily schedule.
  • Finish- Do you prefer a matte finish or a silky finish? The three products listed above have a variety of finishes, so be sure to select the one that meets your desires and needs for your go-to look. Here’s a tip: find a color corrector with the same finish as your concealer and foundation of choice so you don’t create any discrepancies in effect.

Shade variety- Something unique about all of the color correctors listed above is that they offer different shades and tones in the same container. This feature allows users to mix and match shades to get their perfect finish without splurging on multiple products. Which of the three products above has your perfect combination?

Color Corrector FAQs

When is the best time to apply color correctors?

It is recommended to apply a color corrector or CC cream after your skincare routine and before any other makeup products such as concealer and foundations.

Do different skin tones need different shades of color corrector?

Skin tones within the same range (light, dark, medium etc) can use the same shades successfully, but going out of your skin tone range could be problematic.

Do color correctors leave your skin oily or clog pores?

A good product will never do that, even products meant to make you shine or glow. If you have issues like these with any product, it may be time to consider switching to a different one.

Do all skin types, even clear skin, look best with a color corrector?

Almost everyone has a reason they want to use a color corrector. Even if your skin is flawless, it can be a nice tool to assist in contouring and highlighting, or even priming your eyelids before applying eyeshadow.

What does mixing shades of color correctors do?

Some people prefer to mix shades of color corrector if they have multiple blemishes or problems in the same area. For example, having a rash and a scar in the same area may benefit from blending multiple shades together instead of hoping one is the cure-all solution.

Can you apply a color corrector on top of foundation for anything?

It is not common to do so, although there are reasons one might want to apply color correctors on top of foundation. If you are looking for extra contrast between colored products like eyeshadows, color correctors could be applied in between them on top of a full face of makeup, for example.

What ingredients are used to make the pigments in color correctors?

Each individual brand and color-correcting product will have its own unique formulas for color correctors. If you are looking to avoid or include specific ingredients in your beauty routine, be sure to check the ingredients in your product of choice beforehand.

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