Challenges That Trump Has To Face During 2020 Election Campaign 

 May 22, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

2020 has proved to be anything but what the American Presidential candidates and the nations expected. There were expectations of various rounds of rallies for public support and a heated election environment where the outcome of the Presidential Elections would be debated excitedly. However, none of it can be seen taking place either now or in the near future, all thanks to the onset of COVID-19 and its impacts.

With the political environment gone so cold and people confined to their homes as a means of fulfilling social distancing guidelines, it is becoming increasingly difficult for President Trump to carry out his election campaign.

Many political experts cite that the incumbent President has been losing his popularity among voters since the COVID-19 hit so bad. Though this can be attributed to other factors such as domestic and foreign policies too, COVID-19 did play its part in crippling President Trump’s reputation among Americans.

The Trump administration is itself aware of the fact that its voters’ bank is declining with each passing day. Trump and his aides are now calling for permission to carry out rigorous traditional political rallies despite public health challenges presented by the pandemic to counter the negative impact. However, such an allowance is not possible under current circumstances where almost 2000 Americans are dying every day.

Though Trump’s administration is apparently losing the battle to Biden and Republicans for their cleverly played pandemic and other policy-related cards, some of the challenges faced by Trump during his election campaign have been listed below.

1. Corona Virus and The Inability To Conduct Public Gatherings

One of the major challenges faced by Trump during his election campaign 2020 is that he is unable to hold grand rallies as he did in the 2016 elections campaign. Trump is well known for his tweets and a habit of communicating daily with his supporters via various means of communication.

In times like these, he is not able to reach out to them and form a connection which he did very easily in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Though digital media is still an option available to him this time, social media websites and their reach is not really working for the President.

Therefore, one of the greatest challenges posed for Trump’s election campaign is his inability to conduct election campaigns the traditional way as he did in 2016 with massive rallies and public gatherings to win the hearts of people once again.

2. The Strengths Of Trump’s Presidency Have Vanished

The second major challenge which the president faces during his election campaign is all that he was counting on to highlight as his achievements in the 2020 Presidential Election campaign have been lost to the pandemic. Even though Trump is mostly criticized internationally and domestically for his imbalanced policies, he did achieve to take the economy out of the post-2009 recession state and maintain it in good health.

However, due to the social distancing measures and the lockdown in place, the economy has once again suffered badly. Experts opine that it will continue to do so for an uncertain period of time until the virus settles down, markets are reopened and life goes back to normalcy completely.

The loss of lives, failure of the healthcare system, and a depleted economy in addition to the uncertainty looming over the lives of American people with regards to mishandling of COVID-19 are all great threats for President Trump’s election campaign.

Had the COVID-19 be dealt proactively, Trump still would have some of the strengths he earned during his Presidency to advocate his Presidential candidacy in 2020. For now, the incumbent President does not have much left to offer except for his war phobia with international adversaries such as China, Russia, and Iran.

3. Trump Can No Longer Play The Anti – Socialism Card

President Trump’s election campaign would have gone smoothly if he was able to pay all the above as well as the anti-socialism card. Since Bernie Sanders from the Democratic Party presented socialist ideologies that the nation really doesn’t approve of, Trump had bright chances of winning the 2020 elections and advancing his election campaign smoothly.

However, in an interesting turn of events, Bernie Sanders ended his election campaign in favor of Joe Biden, who is a more agreeable person for all Americans. Sanders’ move has created more challenges for Trump and put question marks on his election campaign since he is left with no real issues to bid his campaign on.

4. The House of Representatives Went to Democrats Already

The fourth biggest challenge faced by Trump in conducting his Presidential campaign is the fact Democrats have already won the House of Representatives in November primaries. They are using their powers to intervene with Trump’s Presidency already and have impeached him. Political experts hold the opinion that with Democrats in the House of Representatives, Trump will have to deal with a constant thorn and try to pursue his campaign while dealing with them.

What Can Trump Rely On, Then, To Conduct His Election Campaign?

Well, most media sources believe that Trump still has a few cards in his deck. These include xenophobia, partisanship, and divide and rule policies. Many political experts believe that Trump’s administrative policies create divisions within the nation where one group supports his ideologies loyally by turning against the others. This could be seen in his decisions to build the wall against Mexico border and his threats to ban all Muslims from the country.

According to the experts, there is still room for Trump to keep playing the same cards via his daily White House briefings held for the pandemic situation.


Trump’s administration is facing serious criticism for their delayed response to COVID-19 and the loss of lives. How will Trump deal with that is a clear challenge especially after all the strong cards in Trump’s suite such as the anti-socialist campaign, strong economy, and America First has failed miserably in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic and its after-effects.

BC Editorial Team


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