Careers People Are Moving to the Bay Area For

 May 23, 2023

By  Elle Gellrich

Whether you live in the Bay Area or have just heard about the influx of new arrivals in San Francisco and beyond, this area of California is changing. In some ways, the Bay Area is always in a state of evolution. However, specific careers bring specific people to the Bay Area. Are you interested in moving to the Bay? Or are you trying to find a new job and are willing to relocate? Whatever your position in life, below are some careers that are having people move to the Bay Area.


Let’s start with the obvious. Silicon Valley has spread to the rest of Northern California. This is one of the biggest complaints San Francisco natives have. Not only are these new residents driving up the rent, but they are also changing the city’s character. San Francisco has long been a center of bohemians, artists, and freethinkers.

The pragmatic and technical leanings of these new citizens are augmenting the personality of San Francisco. It could be for the better in some ways. The city has its problems, especially concerning homelessness, but tech workers have been moving to San Francisco for a while, and nothing seems to be changing for the better. However, if you are in the tech business, the Bay Area is one of the best places to move to find a better job.


With large sums of venture capitalist money, finance comes with technology. Fin-tech is a field that continues to grow and become more lucrative, but general finance is also very popular regarding jobs here. Financial advisors in the Bay Area have changed the landscape quite a bit. Crunching numbers, managing money, and using all the resources at your disposal to develop new ways to increase the bottom line make up some of the most successful positions in the world. Wherever money goes, finance follows. As the Bay Area becomes more expensive, the finance industry continues to become more of a part of the area.


Law has been a central part of the Bay Area for a long time. Between the counterculture, protests, and the fight for rights in the past to the business, rent control, and homelessness issues of today, the law is a diverse field in the Bay Area. You could be a highly-paid lawyer here or work pro-bono for a good cause. Whatever your style, the law is a career people move to the Bay Area for. Lawyers, like tech and finance workers, are moving to the Bay Area. With the influx of high-paid workers, new apartment high-rises are going up, and neighborhoods that used to be affordable are now very expensive. No wonder real estate has become another field for which people relocate to the Bay Area.

Real Estate

With many people with lucrative professions moving to the Bay Area, the real estate industry has blossomed. Real estate investors, building companies, and construction businesses are relocating to exploit the booming economy. The Bay Area’s cost of living has increased, especially in San Francisco. Whether you are an investor or just have some money to put into a home, real estate is central to the growing economy of the Bay Area. It’s the logical conclusion to the increase of highly paid civilians moving to the area.

Not everyone is happy about the changes occurring in the Bay Area, but everything changes eventually. There is no reason to fear change. Technology hasn’t just changed San Francisco; it will continue augmenting the world. Whether you live in the Bay Area or are considering moving to the region, there are a lot of well-paying jobs in several fields. Even if you aren’t in these fields, the Bay Area’s wages have increased in response to the evolving economy.

The character of the Bay Area will change, but it’s up to natives and residents to keep what they love about San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, and beyond alive. Each city has its character and personality. It’s possible to keep each place intact despite the increase of wealthy people moving in. It’s vital to keep hope alive.

Elle Gellrich


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