Can I Pick Up Package From USPS Before Delivery ?

 November 6, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

USPS which stands for the United State postal service is one of the greatest employers in the United States even you may call it is the second-largest employer in the United States. This postal service is efficient and affordable to the American public. Also, this is one of the most reputed and advance in terms of technology. People arise a lot of questions about the queries they actually have and one of that asked questions is “Can I pick up the package from USPS before delivery” and here in this article, you will have the worthy answer that will help and guide you to the right way.


We, as customers wonder, can I pick up a package at the post office? or an individual could pick up his or her packages from the center of USPS at their nearest location? A straight forward answer to this query is YES! How? One way through which this is possible is when you yourself visit their hub where your packages have been stored.

There you can request them to handover your domestic packages. But you need to reach there before the delivery van leaves for the mail distribution, i.e. 10: 30 a.m. if you get late then there is no way you can pick it from there and you will have to wait at your place for the parcel to reach. However, even after you prove your identity to them at their hub, it is not guaranteed that they’ll handle your package as they are extremely strict in this matter.

USPS Package Intercept :

The other way is through the feature of the USPS package intercept. The USPS package intercept refers to the feature of the postal service of the USA where a customer can redirect their domestic shipment which has not yet arrived at their doorstep. This is a feature only for letters, flats, and packages with a specific tracking barcode.

You generally go for this feature when you cannot wait for the hub to deliver your package, for any reason. Whereas sometimes it also happens that you are not available at your place to receive your domestic shipment. In this case, you can go for Hold for pickup. Under this feature, you can ask the USPS hub to hold your packages till you return. After your return, you can go and pick up your package or ask them to deliver it at your place.

So, you can either get to their place or place an online request for intercepting your package. However, the first one is a bit informal but later requires some compulsory steps to be successful. So, let’s go through how USPS package intercept work?

How does the Intercept Service Work?

There are some of the steps you need to follow to ensure an interception. These are-

  • Verify- first of all you need to verify whether your concerned package or letter or flat could be intercepted or not? I.e. whether or not your shipment is eligible for package intercept because not all products are eligible.
  • Online request- If you find your package to be eligible for an interception, then the next step you need to go for is the online registration of your request on the official website of USPS. By logging in with your USPS account, you can do so.
  • Postage estimation- If the above process goes successful then you will be informed about the estimated postage for your request (intercept fee + estimated priority mail postage). The charge is generally not too high and is affordable.
  • Intercept attempt- After this, the USPS attempts to intercept and redirect your package. This is an important step in this task.
  • Postage- If the USPS is able to successfully intercept and redirect your package then you will be asked to pay an amount of $14.10. In case, the actual postage becomes greater than the estimated one, then you will be informed about the same and asked to pay.
  • With the above steps, your package or mail will become eligible for package intercept or redirect. You can also request for its hold in your nearest post office.

Note- If you have a CAPS (centralized account payment system) account then you can directly request this process and pay the postage online.

Must-know Facts :

There are also some must-known facts about the entire process of the package intercept of USPS. These are-

  • You will NOT be charged any money if your process of package intercept results unsuccessfully. However, if successfully intercepted then the postage is charged per request. The money charged is non-refundable. So, you must go through its terms and conditions properly.
  • The package intercept service is valid and available for all three domestic shipments except USPS marketing mails and periodicals.
  • The must condition for a package to be intercepted is the presence of TRACKING BARCODE or EXTRA SERVICES BARCODE. Regardless of which, a product cannot be intercepted in any way.
  • The combined measure of length and girth of the package must not exceed 106 INCHES. Else it may not be intercepted.
  • Commercial mailing receiving agency’s packages are not eligible for this service.
  • After the USPS package intercept process, every item is regarded as a priority mail. The exceptions here are original priority mail express, priority mail, or first-class mail.
  • There are some additional services available for intercepted items such as adult signature required, signature confirmation, adult signature restricted delivery, and insurance. These features could be availed by RETAIL AND COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS.
  • This feature is NOT AVAILABLE for NON-MAILABLE items. These include hazardous material markings.

Conclusion :

Hopefully, the above information is beneficial for you. It is not at all a painstaking task. It depends upon your eligibility and your own consciousness. You must go through all the required information and terms and conditions before proceeding with any step. Currently, this feature is going well and has increased the satisfaction level of customers as well as its popularity. I hope you are guided in the best way. Stay tuned with us.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. Can I Pick Up Package From USPS Without Notice?

You have to inform the post office if you are going to receive your package before delivery. It means YOU CAN’T Pick Up Package without notice.

Q.2. Can You Pick Up USPS Package At Distribution Center?

NO! You can’t pick up the package at the distribution center. However, you can pick up the package from the post office.

Q.3. Can You Intercept A USPS Package?

You can only intercept the package, letter, or flats online. It is the service that let the sender and receiver to stop the delivery or to redirect it until the package or letter isn’t out for

Q.4. Is USPS Package Intercept Free?

NO! There will be additional charges for each mailpiece you want to be intercepted. No fee is charged until the request is processed.

Q.5. How Much Does USPS Package Intercept Cost?

For the shipment intercepted, your card will be charged the $14.65 Package Intercept fee plus any applicable postage.



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