Can One Overcome Addiction on One’s Own?

 August 16, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

The opponents of gambling are all the time reminding people that playing games, both casinos, and computers, is addictive. Unfortunately, it is the reverse side of this activity, and if you have been considering this kind of entertainment, it is worth being well informed.

The matter of possible addiction is not something that gambling establishments are trying to conceal from players. On the contrary, reliable establishments like Zodiac casino are taking part in various programs that support addicts in their struggle, as well as inform other gamblers about the possible flaws of this activity.

Before creating an account in a gambling establishment, we recommend getting familiarized with the symptoms that show that you might have a problem (or your close friend or family member). In this post, we would also like to dwell on the possible ways to get rid of addiction and if it is possible to cope with the problem on one’s own. 

Why do people try to cope with addiction on their own?

Home therapy is attractive due to the lack of financial expenses, the opportunity to be in a familiar environment, and the support of relatives. But how effective are such attempts to overcome the craving for gambling? You will get the answer to this question after reading our article about the manifestations and features of the treatment of gambling addiction at home and in a specialized clinic under the supervision of professionals.

Game addiction symptoms

In search of new emotions and ways to protect themselves from problems at work and at home, many people start playing, and unfortunately, for some players, this innocent hobby might turn into a real disease. 

Addiction can arise from computer and card games, slot machines (regular or virtual), betting on sports events, lotteries, etc. Although a person does not use anything, the effect of playing games in gambling is the same as from the use of alcohol or narcotic substances. The gameplay allows gamblers to relax, release negative emotions, and feel the rush of adrenaline, but at the same time, the feeling of reality is lost, and players start spending money on bets and trying to chase the money lost.

Gambling addiction is a disease that can destroy the psyche and make an addict an outcast of society, so the signs of the formation of a pathological passion cannot be ignored. The following manifestations of pathological passion indicate the need for treatment:

  • an increase in daily expenses and a constant need for money;
  • constant attempts to win back;
  • inability to stop;
  • refusal to eat due to unwillingness to be distracted from the process;
  • insincere treatment of family members – often relatives of a gambling addict learn about huge debts on account of a player;
  • increasing the time spent in front of the computer;
  • non-participation in family life, scandals, periodic absences from home;
  • outbursts of negative emotions when there is no opportunity to make another bet on a machine or complete a round in a computer game;
  • reorientation of all actions and thoughts on the game and related moments;
  • decrease in work productivity fights with colleagues and superiors, and, as a result, dismissal;
  • isolation and antisocial behavior.

Often, patients do not understand why they have become interested in gambling or computer games. However, identifying and eliminating the causes is the key to recovery. To establish the triggers of ludomania, a psychologist’s consultation is necessary. The specialist will analyze the life circumstances, as well as the character of the patient, and then help to cope with the problem that provoked the escape to the fictional world. 

Tips for a gamer on how to stop playing

There is no single recipe that would help to give up such a passion, except that you need to go through a full course of psychological correction and rehabilitation. However, the addict is able to take the first steps in this direction on his own:

  • Admit your illness to yourself.
  • Tell loved ones about gaming addiction and ask for their support.
  • Stop looking for excuses to start playing again.
  • Find a safe hobby that will take your mind off betting.
  • Analyze the events leading up to the development of addiction to understand what has caused it all.
  • Spend more time in nature and try to be alone less.
  • Refuse to communicate with the former company or peers who share the same hobby.
  • Make new interesting acquaintances and add variety to your daily routine.
  • Trust the professionals to recover and return to normal life.

A person’s sincere desire to recover is, unfortunately, not enough for the successful treatment of gambling addiction. Staying at home, the person is alone, so there might be the risk of giving up and playing again. Other negative aspects of independent therapy are:

  • access to a computer and the Internet;
  • continuing communication with friends who might also be addicted;
  • condemnation from relatives and family conflicts;
  • influence of the trigger factors of the disease – being at home and having stopped playing, a person will experience enormous stress, and any stressful situation might trigger the desire to play again.

What about a specialized center?

In a specialized center, patients with ludomania receive comprehensive support and go from confusion and despair to inner harmony, self-confidence, and understanding of life’s priorities. The rehabilitation course usually includes:

  • Regular classes in the gym and on the sports field to maintain physical health;
  • Participation in various kinds of charitable actions and events;
  • Group and individual conversations with psychologists;
  • Creative activity and occupational therapy;
  • Acquisition of new knowledge and skills;
  • Training sessions with the involvement of relatives in the framework of codependency treatment;
  • Self-analysis and development of adaptive mechanisms to combat stress.

Conclusive words

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize the importance of being well-informed about the possible dangers of gambling. If you play and hesitate if there are any problems, it is always worth knowing the possible consequences. So, be attentive, manage your budget wisely, and stick to the predefined schedule of playing to avoid possible problems with addiction. Self-discipline is always useful when it comes to mental and psychological health.

Kyrie Mattos


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