Bonus Slots Games to Try 

 November 17, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Looking back through the history of slot gambling can be an incredibly eye-opening journey because over the last century these incredibly infectious gambling games have undergone quite a profound amount of change. Seriously, the slot machines of Charles D. Fey’s days (inventor of the world’s the first commercial slot machine in the late 1800s) were incredibly simple when compared to the myriad of video slots, online slots, bonus slots, and progressive jackpot slots available across land-based and online casinos like nextcasino today.

It was the invention of the video slots back in the 80s that paved the way for the online slots world that we all know and love today, something that completely revolutionized the entire gambling industry. Bonus online slot games are often the most exciting slots to play, simply because they have a dedicated set of bonus features that are not only fun but also extremely lucrative too. Keep reading for some bonus slot games to try out. 

Well of Wonder

The online slot developer Thunderkick is known for creative and innovative twists on the classic online slot formula, and Well of Wonder is one of the perfect examples of this. Whilst most online video slots have some kind of reel grid, the Well of Wonder slot works using no conventional online slot reels whatsoever! Instead, the various symbols float out of an enchanted well located in the middle of the screen, and a cluster pay system is used to make slot wins.

But that’s not the only great thing about Well of Wonder because this Thunderkick slot also comes loaded with quite a few incredibly fun and lucrative bonus rounds too. Gamblers could be looking at a jackpot win of at least 5000x their wager here, so you know it definitely pays off. 

Rage of the Seas

Pirates are some of the most well-used subjects in the whole of modern popular culture, and there is no wonder there really because films such as Pirates of the Caribbean have become outrageously successful in recent years. Regardless, when NetEnt announced Rage of the Seas it understandably made quite a buzz within the online slot community, especially considering this game came courtesy of one of the best developers in the game too. 

There is a whole load of different bonus features during Rage of the Seas too, with things like expanding betways that can reach a crazy 5488 different ways! Rage of the Seas has very high slot volatility too, so gamblers can rest in the knowledge that they can win some huge cash prizes here. 

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix

We couldn’t create a list of bonus slot games to try without including Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix, a game that is undeniably one of the best ever bonus slot games. This is because Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix gives us slot gamblers the chance to choose 3 out of the 9 bonus rounds that have come in previous Rainbow Riches games, hence why its called Pick N Mix!

BC Editorial Team


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