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San Mateo Bans Soda in County Vending Machines


Soft drinks are getting harder to find in San Mateo. The county has adopted a new policy banning the sale of sugary drinks in county vending-machines, cafeterias and meetings, San Mateo Patch reported

Under the new Wellness Policy, county money cannot be used to purchase sugar-sweetened beverages. Water, 100% fruit juices and skim milk are still allowed. The soft drink ban is part of the county's efforts to improve the health of its more than 5,000 employees as well as its residents. 

Some 50 percent of adults county are overweight or obese, according to county officials. About one-quarter of children and young adults, ages 5 to 20, in San Mateo county are overweight, The Bay Citizen reported

“There is a direct link between high consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and the rates of obesity in children and adults,” Tuline Baykal, campaign coordinator Bay Area Children’s Power Play, told The Bay Citizen. “Soda is the No. 1 source of added sugar in the American diet,” she said.

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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors