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Will BART Finally Run Late Night?

A BART train at the Daly City station
A BART train at the Daly City station

Queena Kim
Queena Kim

This will come as good news to any inebriated resident of the nickel and dime who's been stuck in the city after a show late on a Saturday night: BART is considering running the trains later than midnight. Residents of the Bay Area have clamored for years to extend BART service into the early morning, as evidenced by a 22,005-member Facebook group called Make BART Trains Run 24 Hours. Now, as the BART board welcomes a new president, Bob Franklin, our partners over at Streetsblog report that Franklin is willing to extend service: 

“I’m sure people are driving when they shouldn’t be because there isn’t a fast, reliable transit option open late,” Franklin told Streetsblog. He also noted that he gets questions from the public all the time, asking why trains can’t run longer hours. Franklin said the Facebook group “Make BART Trains Run 24 Hours” has over 22,000 fans, though he acknowledged it would be impossible to run trains around the clock and keep the system safe.

One solution, according to Franklin, would be to see if the agency could move the 4 a.m. start time on weekdays to 5 am, applying the extra operating hour from that change to either or both nights on the weekend. He also wanted to see if the agency would consider not running certain late night trains to the terminus stations, if that would improve the feasibility of the concept."

So not exactly around the clock but an hour later so you don't have to make a mad dash for the BART station at around midnight for fear of being abandoned in San Francisco or forced to shell out for a cab or ride the dreaded late-night Transbay bus. But this proposal could hurt those early morning riders who BART into the financial district to be at work when the stock market opens in New York, the blog reports. 

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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors