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Watch: Google demos futuristic glasses


Glass googleNext time there’s something in your eye, it may be a welcome occurrence.

Google debuted a much-buzzed about tablet called the Nexus-7 at its developers conference today, but the company also showed off Project Glass – a futuristic pair of glasses that is “designed to let you live in the moment,” according to the Mountain View-based company.

The glasses do a lot of things that mobile devices do, but directly before the user’s eyes, like pulling up directions and taking photos and video.

The glasses were demoed for the conference audience via a dramatic live video of skydivers leaping out of a plane while wearing the glasses.

Want a pair? Unless you're reading this from inside the Moscone Center, you're out of luck for now. The glasses are being made available for pre-order only to attendees of the conference. They cost $1,500, and they’ll start shipping next year.

Google recently acquired the nation's first license to start testing its self-driving car on Nevada streets.

Project Glass: Skydiving Demo at Google I/O 2012
Source: Google

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