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Solano County officials say foreclosures can contribute to West Nile


mosquitoSolano County officials say neglected swimming pools at foreclosed homes could become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and contribute to the spread of West Nile in the county and across the state. Officials want people who have spotted abandoned pools to call 707-437-1116 and report them.

A 50-year-old man is the first human case of West Nile virus in Solano County this year, according to a statement issued today by county health officials. It is the first case in the county since 2008.

It is also the first human case of West Nile in the nine Bay Area counties this year, according to the most recent data on the state’s West Nile tracking site.

West Nile is a potentially serious illness that humans catch from the bite of an infected mosquito. Symptoms range from headaches to meningitis, but fatalities are rare.

Officials are encouraging the public to take precautionary measures such as wearing insect repellent and reporting dead birds and squirrels. To file a report, call 877-968-2473 or go to WestNile.Ca.gov.

So far this year, there have been 75 human cases of West Nile in 17 California counties, up from 33 at the same time last year. The number of cases also is rising nationally.

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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors