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Is SF Like LA Before the Riots?


Black on Asian crime has had Chinese media abuzz since the attack on Tian Sheng Yu and his son by two African-American teenagers in Oakland in April. San Francisco Police Chief George Gascón has been trying to quash tensions between Chinese and African Americans in the city. But not all Asian community activists are buying it. 

Dean Ito Taylor, executive director of Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach, told the World Journal that the new police chief doesn't have the same experience with the Asian community as former Chief Heather Fong. He said the recent meeting between police and community members in the Bayview was useless. And he warned that without communication between these groups, things could get even worse.

Taylor told the Chinese-language daily that he was afraid the violent confrontations between Koreans and African Americans that took place during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles could be repeated in the Bay Area between Chinese and African Americans. Tensions in LA built up for years before the riots, he said, and the Bay Area faces similar problems today, as Chinese families are moving into black neighborhoods and opening businesses that don’t hire African Americans.


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