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Royal Newlyweds Coming to California


Don't call it a honeymoon, but the royal newlyweds, William and Kate, are coming to California. The newly minted Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting the West Coast July 8 - 10th, following a trip to Canada. 

Kate Middleton has never been to the United States, but William has been here before on private trips, although never in any official capacity, E Online reports. 

There's no word on where exactly they'll be visiting in California yet, and they're not calling this their official honeymoon, which will be a more private sojourn in the coming months. 

The Duke's dad, Prince Charles, is currently in the United States. On Wednesday, President Obama congratulated Prince Charles on his son's nuptials,\ and offered his best wishes to the newlyweds when the two met at the White House on Wednesday, according to CBS News.

If Kate and William visit the Bay Area, where should they go? Crissy Field? The Castro Theatre? The Google cafeteria in Mountain View? Weigh in with your ideas for the authentic local experience in the comments. 

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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors