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Muni Cuts Reversed...by 2011

A Muni bus carries passengers along Market Street
A Muni bus carries passengers along Market Street

The deep cuts to Muni service could be half-restored by September. And all back to normal by next July.

Mayor Gavin Newsom said at a press conference this afternoon that a tentative deal has been reached with the Muni operators union to cut costs.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the union tentatively agreed to concessions that will save a projected $18.7 million over the next two years. Some of the dough will be used to roll back what was the biggest cut to Muni service in history, which took effect May 8. The 10 percent cut to service was projected to save the cash-strapped agency $29 million a year.

The changes have been felt by anyone who rides Muni: long waits (next bus: 72 minutes), crowded buses (great to hear that you're meeting your friend later at Alembic), and buses shutting down earlier (who doesn't like a nice midnight walk?).

The Muni operators won't be giving up their July 1 raise, but there would be changes to overtime rules to allow the use of more part-time drivers, the Chron said. 




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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors