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George Lucas Testifies—Briefly

Filmmaker George Lucas
Filmmaker George Lucas

“Star Wars” creator George Lucas told a Marin County jury yesterday that he had never heard of Julie Gilman Veronese before she filed a wrongful-firing lawsuit against his company late last year.

“I only know what I read in the paper,” he said.

Veronese, 37, claims Lucas’ personal assistant offered her a job working in the filmmaker’s home but refused to let her start work after learning she was pregnant. Lucasfilm attorneys contend Veronese was offered only a 30-day project, not a full-time job and that the decision to cancel the project was mutual.

In court yesterday, Angela Alioto, Veronese’s attorney and mother-in-law, questioned Lucas about a note scrawled by one of his aides that read: “Julie never met with George. George said try her out.”

Lucas said the note was inaccurate. “I don’t get involved in temporary help,” he said.

Wearing jeans and a navy blue suit jacket, Lucas left the courtroom amid a burst of camera flashes after about two hours of testimony.

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