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Concerns Over Second SF Police Shooting


The shooting death of Michael Lee, 43, by a police officer at the Tenderloin residential hotel where he lived is the second such police incident in a year, reports the World Journal. Last year a mentally disturbed new immigrant from China was shot by police in Visitacion Valley over Labor Day weekend last year.

Marlene Tran, a candidate for District 10 supervisor and the public safety commissioner for Bayview and Ingleside, has been urging the police department to conduct an in-depth investigation into last
year's case. She said she has been hearing questions from many in the Chinese community who are skeptical about why officers in both cases shot the suspects in non-life threatening situations. She is calling for more police training on how to deal with non-violent and mentally disturbed individuals.

In the recent incident, the officer was responding to noise complaints from Lee's unit on Sutter Street. When she discovered there was a gun in the unit, she tried to take it and Lee allegedly tried to stop her. That was when the officer fired her weapon, the World Journal reports. Lee's neighbors said Lee was not a very social person, lived alone and often played the guitar at high volume.

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