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California Loses Education Funds--Again

Sec. of Education Arne Duncan
//yeti-cir-test.s3.amazonaws.com/uploaded/images/2010/8/arne-duncan/original/Arne Duncan.jpg
Sec. of Education Arne Duncan

California just lost its second bid for federal education dollars from the Race to the Top program, which will award $4.3 billion to winning states for school reforms.

The U. S. Department of education today announced its second and final round of winners, which are Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C., as reported by the Associated Press.

California applied for the first round of RTTT money, having passed several key legislative reforms in order to meet federal eligibility requirements, including instituting teacher assessments as part of student achievement assessments. But it wasn’t enough for either competition, which could have delivered $700 million to the state’s cash-starved education system.

But some education advocates and leading civil rights organizations have been critical of Sec. of Education Arne Duncan’s funding scheme and state’s frantic efforts to qualify, arguing that such competition undermines fair and equitable methods of distributing education resources, reports California Watch.


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