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Sh*t Silicon Valley Says


It was just a matter of time before the meme hit Silicon Valley — and really, what took so long? The “Shit (fill in the blank) people say” craze has been going on so long that Gawker published a blog post with the headline, “We Do Not Want Your ‘Shit People Say’ Video.”

As far as I can tell, the meme started years ago on Twitter with @shitmydadsays, which was made into a TV pilot by William Shatner. Then a few weeks ago, “Shit White Girls Say… to Black Girls” hit YouTube, and now they just keep coming. There’s “Shit People Say in LA” (Westside and Eastside edition), there's "Shit People in DC Say, Shit People Say on Facebook and on and on it goes.

Still, the meme doesn't cease to be amusing, which is probably why the videos keep popping up. Among the favorites lines in the newsroom from "Shit Silicon Valley Says" are: "It's like Pandora for cats," "Who has a party in Palo Alto?" and "I already reblogged that. I reblogged it and retweeted it. I retweeted it, I reblogged it and checked into it."

Shit Silicon Valley Says
Source: Kate Imbach

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