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Lounges in Lieu of Tents: Scenes from the Occupy Cal 'Strike'


Student Strike Nov 15Mark (who didn't want to give his last name) is an alum of UC Berkeley and graduated in 1982. He's sitting in a chair just outside Sproul Hall, where students and supporters are taking part in a student strike and Occupy Cal rally. On Nov. 9, protesters tried to set up tents in front of Sproul Hall, where they clashed with police.

He notes the student's sense of humor. "The cops said no tents, so they bring out furniture: a couch, rugs, a piano," he said.  "This is very charming." 

Mark says he's out here to support the students. "I'm not against capitalism or the banks," Mark said. His beef is with fewer people controlling more of the wealth. 

"How do you send those people who control everything, out to pasture?" he asked. (-Queena Kim)

Sproul Hall Lounge Student Strike Nov 15


Just next to the lounge in front of Sproul Hall, a group of students calling itself Mockupy Cal, cordoned off an area with red ribbon. The students, donning high-society society attire and haughty jewelry, invited protesters to "join the one percent," by stepping into the square and enjoying hors'dorves  and champagne (actually sparkling cider). Admission to the "UC VIP Luncheon, as it was called, hollered into the crowd: "Join the one percent!. It's the most fabulous percent!"

(-Trey Bundy)


Occupy Cal Scenes Nov 15 f

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