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Your Guide to PARK(ing) Day, This Friday, in the East Bay


This Friday, September 17 is international PARK(ing) Day.  PARK(ing) Day is like the tooth fairy for lovers of public space.  You go to sleep with boring, old parking spaces, and wake up to see innovative, beautiful, and sometimes absurd green space in temporary “parklets.”

Rebar, a San Francisco-based design studio and the brains behind the event, describes PARK(ing) Day as “an annual, world-wide event that inspires city dwellers everywhere to transform metered parking spots into temporary parks for the public good.”  PARK(ing) Day truly is a world-wide event, with cities across Europe, South America, Australia, Korea, and the United States participating.

2010 has special significance for urban green space in the Bay Area.  San Francisco opened the first two of many planned permanent parklets earlier this year, and will no doubt be showing off their popular destinations and enjoying the good publicity.  A handful of East Bay businesses want their own permanent parklets, but the cities are still working out the paperwork kinks to make this an attainable goal.

To jog the public’s imagination, pedestrian advocates and public space enthusiasts in East Bay are turning out in force to demonstrate what Oakland and Berkeley would look like with more space for our feet.  The East Bay Bicycle Coalition and Walk Oakland Bike Oakland are teaming up with businesses and volunteers to create demonstration parklets on Friday, September 17.

Map of Parking Day

If you’d like to see more pedestrian-friendly space in the East Bay, or just want a place to eat your lunch on Friday, come enjoy a parklet near you.

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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors