Betting in the Golden State: your questions answered

 October 3, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

The laws on betting in the United States are changing. The chances are you will know all about that due to the increased press coverage lately as one state after another moves to legalize online gambling in their region. It is predicted that within the next five years, MLB betting and gambling on all professional sports will be legal in more states than it is illegal. Things are moving quickly, and it’s an exciting time for lovers of sports and betting.

You may want to rush out and join the sports betting revolution, calling on your knowledge of your favorite sports, such as football, horse racing and soccer, to target a profit. Now that there’s no reason to make the trek to Las Vegas to place your bets, what’s stopping you from getting involved? Before you move to gamble on sport, it’s crucial you are fully up to speed on the rules regarding betting in your state.

As always, we are here to help. We’ve recruited the help of a sports betting expert who answers your questions on the legality and rules of sports betting in California and what you should be aware of before placing bets on sports.

I read online that sports betting is now legal in America. Is that correct, and can I gamble today?

No, not exactly. Officials in the White House removed the blanket ban on sports betting in America a few years ago, placing the decision in the hands of governors at state level.

New Jersey was first to act, lifting the bar on betting and allowing residents and visitors to place bets at land-based sports-books and online betting apps.

A growing number of sports have followed that example, permitting betting within state lines, but that doesn’t apply to all regions. The likes of New York are still debating, while others have refused to entertain the idea of allowing sports gambling. Perhaps they are biding their time to see how it goes with states that have moved early.

I love Major League Baseball and would like to place a bet on the LA Dodgers winning the World Series. Can I do this legally in California?

Sports betting is not yet legal in California, with the state seemingly taking their time on making a decision. Governors are desperate to get this one right and won’t be bullied into making a snap judgement either way.

They want to see the benefits of allowing sports betting as well as the dangers associated. Only when they have had an opportunity to look at all the evidence will they be drawn on a final call. Officials will also keep a close eye on the likes of New Jersey to see if the increased tax revenue is worth the extra work regulating betting.

It’s also tricky to push through any changes to the rules. To be legal, it must be done properly, going through the correct channels. The earliest we can expect a decision on the future of sports betting in California is 2022, but even that would be the latter part of the year. Football fans hope to see gambling legalized in the state before the next football season.

I am a huge football fan but don’t know much about betting. What bets should I place on the NFL to make a profit?

Any gambler at any level and betting on any sport will tell you there is no guaranteed way to beat the bookies, so you should get the idea of a betting strategy or bets to place that will beat the bookie. Although there are no guaranteed roads to profit, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning.

Research is key. The more research you do into the gambling industry and a fixture, the better chance you’ll have of winning. You can’t do enough research, and you can be sure the traders have done theirs. If you are concentrating on football, you want injury news, form, league standings, head to head scores, and more.

Read interviews from players and managers, check the stats, then make your predictions. Find out which bookie is offering the best odds on your pick, then place your wager.

BC Editorial Team


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