Best Ways To Incorporate The 80s Into Your Style

 January 8, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

In the past few years, the 80s fashion trend has started to gain popularity. If you look at social media sites and the fashion experts nowadays, they are using elements of 80s fashion in their outfits. If you want to follow this trend, you should know the key elements of 80s fashion, and how to use it in your own style. Here are the best ways to incorporate 80s style into your own style.

1.Bushy And Voluminous Hair Is In

One of the most iconic aspects of 80s fashion is the hairstyle. There is a certain uniqueness to 80s fashion because it is characterized by a certain business and volume. The style is mostly characterized by the period’s most famous bands, and the hairstyles they used.

If you want to gain this type of hairstyle, you should make sure you use the right hairspray. You could also color your hair a bright color to enhance your 80s feel. However, if you want to color your hair safely, you should make sure to use gloves as you apply hair dye to your hair.

2.Huge Sunglasses Are Very Trendy

One of the most well known aspects of 80s fashion are the oversized glasses. If you want your sunglasses to pop, you should take the time to look at older sunglass styles. The sunglasses are meant to be oversized and make your face look smaller in the process. You could also use sunglasses of varying color.

3. Match Your Makeup To The Icons Of The 80s.

Aside from your clothing, you should also make sure that your makeup matches the makeup of the 80s. The makeup of the 80s is characterized by a certain glam rock quality, that is further emphasized with business and a lot of volume.

If you want to emulate this style of makeup, it is a good idea to check on the fashion icons of the times. Take a look at old pictures of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie. Madonna and David Bowie are standouts because they used a myriad of great makeup techniques to enhance their overall look. If you want to enhance your 80s look, you should take a closer look at the brows and lashes of these icons. Do you notice how long and bushy their lashes are. If you want to enhance your lashes game, you should invest in artificial lashes from Starseed makeup. The eyelash extensions supplier makes some of the best eyelash extensions in the world, at the best prices possible. One of the characteristics of Starseed eyelashes, is their incredible realism, and the ease with which you could apply them.

If you are going to apply eyelashes on yourself, you should make sure that you are as clinical as possible. Remember that your eyelids are a sensitive part of your body. If you touch your eyelids with dirty hands, you may risk getting eye infections such as a stye or conjunctivitis. If you want to lessen your chances of getting eye infections, you should wear gloves or at the very least wash your hands with a hand sanitizer.

4.The More Colorful Your Outfit The Better

A key aspect of 80s style is the vivid amount of colors that were used. Unlike the more subdued colors of the present fashion, the 80s fashion trends were a vivid kaleidoscope of color.

However, if you overdo it with your colors, you might look a bit tawdry and uncoordinated. Try to mix and match your colors. You should also try to create a more pleasing contrast between your colors.

5.Shoulder Pads Are Back

The fashion of the 80s was characterized by a heavy reliance on shoulder pads. The shoulder pads were a great way to add bulk to a woman’s power suit. It was a favorite for business women, because it helped the wearer exude a sense of power and authority.

If you are going to add shoulder pads to your outfit, you should not overdo it with the size of your shoulder pads. As a rule, you should make your shoulder pads as subtle as possible, and still give you a sense of authority and power.

6. Utilize Denim Elements In Your Clothing

If you want to utilize the 80s fashion even further in your fashion, you should make sure that you use denim elements in your fashion. If you’re going to use denim elements in your fashion, you should do so with a bit of subtlety. Don’t go overboard with your denim. Don’t wear a full outfit of denim. Use elements of denim in your outfits instead.

For example, you could wear a colorful skirt and sweater ensemble, then you could wear a denim sweater or coat to bring it all together. Or you could wear a bright shirt, and then wear denim overalls. When it comes to using denim, it is better to add accents to your outfits, and not totally dominate them with denim.

7. Try Out Monochrome Power Suits

If you want to enhance your formal wear, you should try out monochrome power suits. These suits are very fashionable, and could add a subtleness to your color combination. If you are going to use monochrome suits, you should make sure that they are a good fit. However, you should also remember that 80s suits are supposed to have a baggy quality as well, so you should make sure your monochrome suits fit you well, and still have a baggy quality.


If you want to use the 80s style in your own style, you should have a plan. You can’t just mix and match outfits together, and say it is an 80s themed outfit. With these tips, you could utilize the 80s style in your own style.

BC Editorial Team


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