10 Best Stremio Addons in 2021

 May 5, 2022

By  Gregory

Stremio is an advanced media player that is expandable using Stremio add-ons. Stremio rose to fame after Kodi struggled to keep up the pace in the digital industry, and ended up closing its services. The advanced application brought simplicity on the platform and expandable features allowed the media consumers to explore new horizons and that’s what contributed to its success. Digital media entertainment is the primary motto of Stremio addons that allows the users to watch movies, TV series, YouTube videos, and more.

Is Stremio Services Legal?

I don’t want to answer the controversial question and give a roundabout answer. I want to be transparent to the readers because I don’t want any media consumers to leave this place with wrong information.

Stremio is an advanced media player designed to provide audio and visual content. Since the advanced features allow the users to watch copyrighted content without proper licenses & permission from the creators, and that’s where it is illegal.

Unfortunately, the program does not have enough functions to keep copyrighted content away from the platform. Overall, everything boils down to the consumers, and how they are using it. The actions of the media consumers will decide the outcome of the legal and illegal apprehension.

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1. Netflix

Netflix streaming services are probably the most demanded commodity around the world. Fortunately, the multi-billion dollar streaming service expanded their business ventures to reach wide-range of an audience, and improve profits. Netflix comes under the Stremio Addons list because it is an official extension that will work on any modern edition of the media player.

No need to struggle with the installation and compatibility because the official developers of the media player designed the program for it. Just to inform the freebies that users should have access to a premium account to use the services, and this is not an illegal method. However, the add-on upload did not come from Netflix authorities, but the responsibility is on your tab.

2. Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos sounds like a typical individual from Mexico but it is a popular term in the Torrent world. No matter, which part of the world you are living in, and what Movies, TV series, Web series, Wrestling, and other content are released recently end up on Juan Carlos Torrent repositories. Overall, JC is an illegal source to find newly released content and the library frequently replenished for new visitors.

Of course, I cannot suggest the readers updated the URL because the unknown administrators of the portal change the domain frequently to keep it running and avoid the IP address ban. I suggest the readers to Google the term and start looking for the working status portal. I want to remind everyone that this is an illegal website, and you can get sued for accessing it in specific countries.

3. YouTube

YouTube is the #2 website around the world and considered as #2 search engine on World Wide Web history. I have been using YouTube (Broadcast Yourself) since 2008 and I witnessed it’s an evolution from people platform to commercial product or I should say that that’s where the video-sharing website is heading towards in the future.

Media lovers can install the Stremio addon and start watching videos in the lowest resolution and highest resolution without limitations. However, Google doesn’t consider the connection secure, and you cannot sign-in to the account.

Unfortunately, you cannot access the watch list, add a comment, like a video, and more. That’s the only restriction every YouTube consumer needs to know and rest assured. No need to install the extension because it shows up on the dashboard pre-installed, and that’s a clear sign of compatibility.

4. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Stremio addon is a powerful source for millions of people around the world. Of course, Pirate Bay shared a long history of copyright infringement lawsuits but it is an active website running on different top-level domains and blocked in some countries.

It’s time to understand what is available and how you can use the services. There are two versions available, 1) ThePirateBay+ (TPB+) and 2) PirateBay Addon. Both extensions were developed by third-party software teams and have no connection between them.

However, two available extensions were designed to fetch high-quality visual & audio streams in the media player. No need to worry about the overall output quality and seamless server performance and experience absolute best quality.

5. Zooqle

Zooqle is a popular choice for experts in the industry because of the algorithm that fetches information from other sources. The library designed to fetch new media content available across the Torrent sources, and update the list.

Find newly released Movies, TV series, Cartoons, Documentaries, Anime, Short films, and more. I want to remind the readers again that this website could be blocked by the Government, so you have to place VPN services at test. The Stremio Addon will play fetch a high-quality stream without buffer & high-latency problems.


RARBG is an old player from 2008 and they were recognized by the global copyright infringement association around the globe and blocked subsequently. The official website was taken down after the administrators faced tackle from the Court of Law. However, you can find several sources that provide peer-to-peer file sharing and offer a wide range of web content. Readers can access movies, music videos, songs, albums, and other media content online.

Of course, the administrators gained plenty of knowledge to avoid site IP address blockage and the RARBG portal is available for media consumers. As it wouldn’t surprise the readers that censorship is an active program and practiced by many countries. I did provide a proper tutorial below on how you can access blocked and restricted websites.

7. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles comes preinstalled in the package that offers comprehensive subtitles for popular movies. You cannot miss OpenSubtitles in your copy because it is a free add-on that provides subtitles for the movies. The add-on supports multiple languages and genres, and you can find your copy of the subtitle language pack in the service.

Fortunately, OpenSubtitles extracts copies of a wide-range of content subtitles such as TV shows, Movies, Short films and more. Speaking of languages, you can always find English movie subtitles for sure because they are popular and always in demand among the viewers.

8. Watch hub

Watch hub mimics major streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. It is a one-stop place to find interesting Videos, Movies, TV Shows, and more. Even though it doesn’t charge a single penny for the service, they are able to provide high-quality streaming services for free-of-charge.

Unfortunately, the Watch hub doesn’t have servers across the globe that leads to high latency and server response time, and you might not be able to watch in higher resolution. The media content on the platform has video quality resolution options, so you can turn down the resolution to have buffer less experience.

9. Mixer

The mixer is a streaming platform from Microsoft. In recent years, Mixer thought to be dead, but the Microsoft team brought many popular streamers on the platform like Shroud, Ninja, and more. The mixer allows the streamers to stream games, shows, and other media works. All Mixer functions are available on the platform such as tuning down the resolution, volume up/down, communication capabilities, sharing abilities, and more.

The Stremio add-on does not provide streaming options but rather viewing options for the masses. You can happily watch streams of Ninja playing Fortnite, and Shroud trying Apex Legends Season 4 and grinding all the way to the Apex Predator rank. I believe, you can sign-in to the account to leave a comment or follow the streamer on the platform and I suggest the users maintain a strong password & recovery email address.

10. Ex

Ex sounds rather sketchy, but it follows the copyright guidelines by offering movies that are available on a public platform. In short, you don’t find newly released movies in the services, but media content that is already available in the public domain and mostly in high quality.

Does Stremio’s executable program contain a Virus?

Stremio clearly allows copyrighted content on the platform via a backdoor called add-ons. I believe you should have put your blind faith in internet products because they could be scheming something behind the doors.

Virus Total scanning proved that Stremio does not contain computer threats.

However, I wouldn’t say the same for Firewall rule because Stremio wants zero exceptions in accessing the internet and we don’t know what the script “Node.JS” does properly.

Of course, I’m not judging the official developers of the Stremio services but I have to ask a couple of questions to the creators. I would not put my 100% trust on the services because they promote Torrents, Copyright content, and other illegal stuff on the platform.

VPN: Browse Anonymously

I don’t want to discourage the readers, but viewing copyrighted content online using physical IP address could land you in jail. Many countries added dedicated departments to investigate source of piracy and take immediate actions against them. Use premium VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to mask your IP address, and avoid jail time.

How to add Stremio Addons?

I believe in the demonstration because it encourages me to trying something new and make up my mind. In this case, I have installed Stremio on Windows 10 PC, and you can follow the same instructions for OS X, Linux, Amazon Fire Stick, Android, iOS, and more. I have provided visual instructions for the readers to make it easier to follow up.

Step 1: Download & install the program on the respective device.

Step 2: Fire up the program from the menu or desktop shortcut, and then click on add-ons logo. Users need to create an account with Stremio, and you can use dummy email addresses, and password because they don’t ask for an email confirmation.

Step 3: The add-on page shows up on the screen, and you can explore a little bit.

Step 4: Type the extension name in the search bar and it will pop-up the search results, and click on “Install” to add it.

Step 5: A confirmation pop-up appears on the screen and click on “Install” to confirm the installation.

Step 6: The newly added extension will show up in the notification bar and click to complete the process.

Step 7: You can access Netflix content by click on “Discover > Netflix” and start exploring the content.

Step 8: Later on, I added the Mixer extension, and I watched a stream of Fortnite.

Overall, I have to say that this is a convenient application for media consumers, who want to enhance the experience. However, I would not say that Stremio is a legit application because it does support piracy but it is a good alternative to watch movies that aren’t released in my country and is not available. I don’t have sources to watch German movies and other country content.

Bottom Line

I have to admit that I didn’t explore all the best Stremio add-ons because there are tons of new extensions available in the library. I do recommend the existing users to mention a couple of them below because I didn’t mention Anime and I would love to know your favorite list of addons installed in your copy in the comment section below.



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