12 Best Soundboards for Discord

 April 6, 2022

By  Darrell

Do you use Discord? Looking for the best soundboards for Discord to apply cool sound effects while chatting or hanging out with friends? Keep on reading the article to know about the best Discord soundboards. 

Do you want to chat with your friends while playing games? How about pranking your friends in a weird voice? You can do that and more with Discord. It is one of the best voice chat apps that gamers use to remain connected with friends. 

You can also use Discord to chat and hang out with your friends. Did you know that you can build your servers on Discord? Moreover, you can add bots and enjoy a wide array of features. The voice effects are amazing. 

But, to fully enjoy the sound effects, you will need the assistance of the best soundboard for Discord. You can use these best soundboards for Discord to modulate your voice and have fun on this popular audio chat app. 

What is a Soundboard? 

Before we move on to the best soundboard for Discord, it is important to know what it actually is. In essence, a soundboard app is used to create voice messages on the Discord server. You can modulate your voice and use a wide array of sound effects for fun. These apps even allow the users to assign hotkeys for sound effects that they use often.

Moreover, you can use the soundboard apps to change or alter your voice on other apps. A majority of these apps are available for free but there are some paid options too. That way, people can opt for the app they want with ease.

How Does a Best Discord Soundboard Work?

With soundboard apps, you can change or alter the voice messages on Discord. You can also add exciting fun audio effects on other apps. These best soundboards for Discord are integrated with in-built features that you can use to modify your voice. This will make your audio sound extremely different. 

Did you know that you can even assign hotkeys to these sound effects? In that case, that will make it easier for the user too. When it comes to editing audio, these best soundboard apps for Discord are an excellent idea. 

How to Use a Soundboard in Discord?

Using soundboard apps in Discord is not exactly simple. You will also need to install an online audio device. This device will act as a microphone and complement the functioning of the soundboard. You need to choose the app that is compatible with your system. 

Take a look at the steps that you need to follow that will help you on how to use a soundboard in Discord: 

  1. Install the audio device you want (here, we will mention VB-Cable). Download VB-Cable on your system. Once the audio device is download, install it
  2. Now, Go to Discord. Click on the Settings icon (User Settings) that you will find on the extreme bottom left-hand corner of the Discord app. 
    Click on User Settings
  3. Now, select Voice & Video option present on the left side of the screen. Go to the Input Device section and change it to CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). 
    Click on Voice and Video
  4. In the Windows search bar, type sound settings. Select the option
  5. Once the window opens, go to the Input option. After that, search for Choose your input device
  6. There, tap on the microphone from the list of options
  7. Now, press on Device properties. Tap on Additional device properties
  8. Go to the Microphone Properties tab
  9. Select Listen. Checkmark the tab – Listen to this device
  10. Go to the Playback through this device section. Here change it to CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). Press Ok

Now, you can use the soundboard apps on Discord with ease. So, now you know how to use the soundboard in Discord. Let’s check out the best soundboards for Discord. 

The Best Soundboards for Discord

There are numerous paid and best free Discord soundboards available on the web. However, you need to opt for the one that suits your style and needs the best. 

Here is the list of the best soundboards for Discord. Take a look! 

1. Resanance

One of the most popular yet reliable best soundboards for Discord is Resanance. It is completely free and supports a wide range of file formats such as .mp3, .ogg, .wav and .flac.

The wide range of features enhances its appeal to the users. You can even assign hotkeys to your favorite sound effects with this best Discord soundboard.

You can also use this best soundboard for Discord to play audio on multiple devices simultaneously. The app is extremely game-friendly and is compatible with all games.

Moreover, the TTS (Text To Speech) feature is an instant hit with gamers. You can even control the volumes of the mic and local audio independently

The app is compatible with Windows and is an absolute favorite to be on our list of best Discord soundboards. 


2. Soundpad

If budget is not your main concern, then you can spend some extra cash and opt for Soundpad. You can use this app not only on Discord but also use as a sound editor and recorder.

In that case, the one-time payment of $4.99 is not such a bad or poor investment. The app is compatible with Windows and supports file formats like .flac, .mp3, .mp4, .wma, and more

With Soundpad, you can gain access to unique features such as normalization. It makes sure that different sounds are played at one volume.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy sound recording, mic toggling, assigning hotkeys, creating a sound list, and many more. With the integration of the editor, you make modifications with ease. We are sure you gonna love this best soundboard for Discord. Have a look!


3. Clownfish Voice Changer

Do you want to alter your voice with different sound effects? For that, choosing the Clownfish Voice Changer is an excellent idea. As the app functions on the device level, you can use it to modify the audio with any app. That means that this app is not limited to Discord. 

The app is available for free and is compatible with numerous operating systems. Moreover, it supports a wide range of file formats without much hassle.

The extensive list of sound effects makes this app even more popular. The integrated in-built media player along with audio controls and playlist is impressive. You can also use the in-built text-to-speech functionality and use hotkeys for frequent sound effects. All these features make Clownfish Voice Changer is one of the best soundboards for Discord. 

Clownfish Voice Changer

4. Voicemod

If you want to opt for the best free soundboard for Discord that has a diverse collection of fresh sounds, Voicemod will not disappoint you. It is compatible with Windows and supports .mp3 and .wav file formats.

The availability of a wide range of sound effects is sheer fun. Also, the app updates the gallery of audio effects every month to entice users. 

Did you know that Voicemod enables the mixing of custom and preset soundboard options seamlessly? Cool, isn’t it? You can also assign hotkeys to your favorite sound effects. The integration of the Elgato Stream Deck is a bonus for Elgato device users. 

You can even add custom audio effects while playing games. Voicemod supports a wide array of games such as Rust, Valorant, CS:GO, Fortnite, etc. 


5. JN Soundboard

Are you on the lookout for a feature-rich soundboard app? In that case, JN Soundboard is a perfect choice. It is free and open-source software that comes with a wide range of features. It is compatible with Windows and supports file formats such as .mp3, .ac3, .m4a, etc.

With this app, users can assign, edit and delete custom hotkeys with ease. Besides, you can also modify the hotkeys to work only when you run a specific program.

You can get audio playback for any sound device through this app. Apart from that, you can also enjoy microphone loopback, assign multiple sound effects to one hotkey, and much more.

Connecting with a virtual audio cable will let you use the impressive text-to-speech feature and can be considered as one of the best Discord soundboards.

6. Voxal Voice Changer

One of the most exciting and best soundboards for Discord that you can opt for is the Voxal Voice Changer. The app offers a wide array of features, making it even more popular.

It is free for non-commercial usage and is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Here, you will find support for file formats such as .mp4a, .mp3, .flac, etc

The audio effects library comes with a wide range of sounds that you can use with ease. The most exciting aspect is that you can use sound effects in real-time via the mic.

Moreover, you can also apply these effects to the present files. You can also develop custom audio effects to gain more control. The app doesn’t manipulate the frame rates while gaming


7. Podcast Soundboard

Do you want to attain a sound-deck experience? For that, using the Podcast Soundboard is a great idea. Instead of hotkeys and shortcuts, you can enjoy the simple and clean interface. The app is compatible with Mac, iOS, and Windows, and you will need to pay $7.99 once

Even the app was not specifically designed for Discord, you can still use it. The Podcast soundboard exhibits a wide range of features that makes it all the more appealing.

Compatible with MIDI devices, you can take advantage of the color-coordinated, multi-shot sound buttons. You can also use the duck button to reduce the audio volume right away!

The app is comptaible with different file formats such as .mp3, .wav, .flac, etc. 

Podcast Soundboard

8. EXP Soundboard

The EXP soundboard is easy to use and is an excellent option if you are on the lookout for the best soundboards for Discord. The wide array of features makes the EXP soundboard extremely popular among users.

It is available for free and is compatible with Windows. This best soundboard for Discord supports file formats such as .mp3 and .wav

The app enables the users to assign custom hotkeys to different sound effects. However, the app supports playback only on two devices – the virtual audio cable and the speakers.

You can also use the mic injector feature to pass the mic into the online audio cable. Moreover, you can also use EXP soundboard to save soundboards with ease.

EXP Soundboard

9. Mixere

Designed to serve as mixers for live performances previously, Mixere now acts as the best soundboard for Discord. It is the wide range of features that make it the perfect choice for Discord users.

With this app, you can gain the support of unlimited soundtracks. Moreover, you can also play numerous tracks simultaneously

The app is available for free and is compatible with Windows. You will also find that the app supports major audio formats with ease. However, if you want a simple interface, this app is not for you. In fact, the interface is a bit complex, and you will need to navigate it patiently. 

If you want to perform live on the Discord server, Mixere is the right choice and that is why listed in our article comprising of best soundboards for Discord.


10. Morphvox Pro

Morphvox Pro is an excellent and reliable soundboard app for Discord. However, the expensive one-time payment of $39.99 makes it an app suitable for users with a big budget.

This best Discord soundboard does make up for the price with the extensive list of features. Morphvox Pro is compatible with Windows and Mac and supports .wav, ,wma, .mp3 and .ogg.

The diverse sound effects library of Morphvox Pro is impressive. You can even use the audio for free. Moreover, it enables the users to add background noise or music even while you are talking.

With this app, you will have no problem playing games. Noise reduction with smart and digital modes makes it all the more worthwhile. 

MorphVox Pro

11. AV Voice Changer 

Without a doubt, the AV Voice Changer is the most expensive and powerful best soundboard for Discord on this list. You will need to fork out a one-time fee of $99.95 for this one of the best soundboards for Discord.

AV Voice Changer supports a wide range of audio formats and is compatible with Windows. With this app, you can make different changes to audio files with ease. 

The wide array of features makes it a great tool for voice modification on Discord. The app also comes with a voice editor, recorder, morpher, and file morpher.

You can use this Discord soundboard for a professional project with ease. The industry-leading codes make the app compatible with different VoIP programs. 

12. Jingle Palette

Did you know that Jingle Palette was designed to play jingles on radio stations? That’s where the name came from! But, with the addition of different features, you can now use it as a soundboard for Discord. You can use the wide assortment of sound effects with relative ease. 

The app is available for free and is perfect for Windows. It also supports numerous file formats such as .mp3, .ogg, .mp2, and many more. With this app, you can opt for auto-mixing and manual mixing of sounds. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the touch play feature and autorepeat.

You can even organize the jingles in a palette format which allows 30 jingles in each set.

Jingle Palette

Which One you Chose from Best Soundboards for Discord?

So, these are the best soundboards for Discord that you can download on your system. Some of these best Discord soundboards in the list are free to use while for some you need to pay a one-time fee. 

Whatever app you choose, we would advise you to try some free soundboards for Discord and see if that meets your requirements. That way, you can save some money. 

If you are already using any of these best soundboards for Discord, do let us know your feedback about it to help our readers. Till then, have fun with voices and sound effects!



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