14 Best Sites Like Craiglist That You Should Know

 April 5, 2022

By  Darrell

Got fed up with scam listings on Craiglist recently? Or the design is too lame to surf? Looking for the best sites like Craiglist for buying and selling goods? Find out the best Craiglist alternatives later on in this article! 

Craiglist is, without a doubt, one of the best eCommerce sites dedicated to offering a wide range of services. Want a second-hand sofa? Need new furniture? You can gain access to a wide variety of things you need on this site. 

But what if you need something that Craiglist doesn’t have? What if you can use a more user-friendly interface with fewer spam postings? Several sites act as excellent best alternatives to Craiglist. Simply thinking about them can be overwhelming. In this article, we offer information on the best Craiglist alternatives. 

What are the Drawbacks of Craiglist? 

Though Craiglist offers a wide array of features and excellent services, there are some drawbacks too. Can you imagine the size of the site working against it? That’s exactly what happens with Craiglist. After a mere 15 minutes, posts in popular categories get transferred to the second page due to the sheer number of posts every minute. 

Unfortunately, Craiglist has always attracted a lot of scam artists. They prey on the unsuspecting, offering ludicrous deals and then exploiting the buyers financially. You need to be extremely aware if you want to buy anything from this site. 

The simple user interface of the Craiglist is a well-loved feature. The availability of multiple features such as search by city, town, state, etc., is quite popular. However, some aspects need urgent updates. With the advent of the latest tech, the site needs to be modernized too. 

Craiglist can add other features such as categories based on distance, price, etc., to help users even more. Moreover, the template design of the interface remains changed since Craiglist came into existence. It is vital to redesign websites now and then to retain customers. 

Though the company attempted to keep with the changing pace with the introduction of an app in 2019. However, the app is too simple and doesn’t satisfy the needs and requirements of the users. The no-glitzy design is soothing initially but eventually makes searching for things boring. 

These drawbacks clearly emphasize that Craiglist is not ideal. Various factors need to be changed, modified, or deleted.

These downsides give the perfect opportunity for others companies to set up similar yet better sites. And not only companies, but these drawbacks also make people look at other best sites like Craiglist which we will talk about very soon now. 

The Best Craiglist Alternatives

There are several best sites like Craiglist available on the web. However, not all are equipped to offer high-quality services or satisfy your needs.

To help you get the best site for selling, buying, or getting the stuff you need, we have made a list of the best alternatives for Craiglist in this article. 

Here are the best 15 alternative sites to Craiglist that you would love to explore for your future buying and selling needs. 

1. Facebook Marketplace

The first one in our list of best Craiglist alternatives is Facebook Marketplace. Though the Facebook marketplace existed for years, it was in 2016 that the company relaunched.

Facebook has two options when it comes to buying and selling products. These include Facebook Buy and Sell Groups and Facebook Marketplace. To use this site, you will need a Facebook profile

It is easy to interact with buyers and sellers in the Marketplace with names and pictures to the listing. It is much more convenient and secure than Craiglist.

Here, you don’t have to worry about strangers or scam artists waiting to dupe you. With multiple filter options, the site has gained massive popularity. 

Facebook Marketplace

2. Kijiji

Kijiji has gained immense popularity in Canada as the best online classifieds website. The availability of a wide array of categories for almost everything makes the site even more appealing to the users. Here, you can look out for jobs, real estate, vehicles, and much more. 

The sites take the safety aspect into strict consideration. Here, you will need to register and comply with the rigid guidelines. With mobile payment, buyers and sellers can gain security while opting for financial transactions.

You can post ads right away after your account is made and use the in-built features to increase the exposure of the listings.


3. Decluttr

If you are searching for a reliable alternative to Craiglist, you can rely on Decluttr. The site is easy to use and offers different items for sale. Here, one can get CDs, books, video games, and much more with ease. 

Delcuttr operates differently compared to other sites. Here, you need to scan the items you want to sell, and the site will provide an offer.

After that, if you are satisfied with the price, you can download the shipping label and give the items. Once they get and approve it, you get the money. This is surely different from other best sites like Craiglist that we have mentioned so far. Right?


4. Oodle Marketplace

One of the best alternatives to Craiglist is Oodle. Here, you can get a wide range of categories to search for whatever you need. These include real estate, cars & vehicles, merchandise, services, pets, tickets, community, and property for rent. Moreover, you can also get different jobs and personal services here. 

To buy and sell anything on Oodle, you will need to log in via your Facebook. That makes the site extremely safe as the user profiles are now linked with the Facebook profile. Besides, you can always verify the identity of the sellers before opting for any transactions. 

Oodle Marketplace

5. Free Ads Time

Free Ads Time is one of the most well-known online classified sites. The best site like Craiglist is found in different countries across the globe and boasts millions of users.

The sheer size of the site owing to its multiple categories attracts users. Here, one can sell and buy real estate, vehicles, items, and much more.

The site is similar to Craigslist in different ways. Here, sellers do not have to pay anything for an item listing, and the buyers can search for a wide range of stuff. Moreover, sellers can note the number of views on the posting and make improvements if necessary. 

Free Ads Time

6. Locanto

Locanto is a globally popular online classified portal offering a wide range of categories to users. Here, one can sift through the enormous ads on the classified board to get the item or service you need. The platform is available in 60+ countries and enjoys a major user base. 

Another reason to include it in our list of best Craiglist alternatives is the simple user interface that makes searching easy and not boring. 

Posting ads on the local city page of Locanto is free. But if you want to get more exposure, you will need to pay a specific fee.

Moreover, the site can be a bit difficult to navigate if you don’t have the patience to search through massive ad postings but that is only for those who are recently started using the site. 


7. Mercari

One of the latest additions to the list of best alternative sites to Craiglist is Mercari. The site provides free classified in various sections. The online portal is mainly available in the UK, US, and Japan, making it limited to others.

The platform boasts of having authentic sellers from whom you can purchase anything you want without fear. 

Did you know that you can see user reviews on Mercari? The site guides the buyer through customer feedback and recommendations. With exceptional services, this Japanese-owned website has attained a great deal of hype in different countries.

This is one of the best sites like Craiglist that offers categories like Home Decor, Electronics, Clothing, Vintage collections, etc. 


8. Recycler

Did you know that Recycler was originally a local online classified site for a small newspaper? Though the site started from South California and was meant to serve regionally, it soon blew up. Now, Recycler is one of the major online classified websites in the entirety of the US and that is why made a place in our list of best Craiglist alternatives. 

With more than 20 million users each month, Recycler enjoys massive popularity in the United States. Here, you can sell and buy various services and products.

The site offers sellers the opportunity to integrate the item posting with different social media platforms. The process is easy and hassle-free even for first-time users. 


9. Geebo

If you are on the lookout for a site that can offer a wide range of options in every niche, going for Geebo is a good idea. The reliable online classified website provides multiple categories to the users. These include merchandise, construction/farm equipment, vehicles, employment, services, rentals/roommates, real estate, and much more. 

The highly popular website adopts the classified platform model for business transactions. Sellers and buyers can interact via messages on the site and then arrange meetings for the deal.

From 2010, the site took multiple steps to increase the safety of the users. The removal of personal ads has been a step in that direction. Definitely can be considered as one of the best sites like Craiglist on our list. 


10. Poshmark

Another one in our list of best alternatives to Craiglist is Poshmark with a twist! Do you want to buy second-hand clothes? Are you interested in going the environmentally-friendly route while updating your wardrobe?

In that case, opting for Poshmark is an excellent idea. This easy-to-use eCommerce store offers clothing and accessories. Now, you sell electronics items as well which is a great addition. This is one of the best sites like Craiglist that is simple to use and has a great design. 

With Poshmark, you can gain access to a wide range of global brands such as Coach, Nike, Chanel, and much more. You can also buy items for men, women, kids, and even pets.

With more than 200 million items on sale, you simply cannot deny the popularity or size of the platform. To list your sale items, you need to upload an image of the item along with the sale price.


11. BooKoo

If you are looking for an eCommerce site that offers to buy and sell items in your local area, you can opt for BooKoo. With more than three million users, the site is not something that you discard right away. Checking out the services along with the interesting features is a good idea. The platform is available in the majority of the areas

The profile of the users contains the items they mainly sell and the average response rate.

You can also interact with other users via messages to know more about their sell listings. If you are worried about payment here, don’t be! The site handles it with extra security!


12. Classified Ads

Classified ads, is without a doubt, one of the toughest competitors that Craiglist has ever encountered. Both the sites are extremely similar and offer the same functionality. Here, one can search for just about anything. All you have to do is browse and search throughout the site. 

The platform is free for usage and is easy to navigate. The layout is simple and clean without technical complexities.

The decluttered interface attracts a lot of customers lacking tech-savviness. Want to get automotive services? Looking for a townhouse for sale? You can get anything here and that is why listed in our article featuring the best Craiglist alternatives. 

Classified Ads

13. Gumtree

One of the most reliable online classified sites is Gumtree which can be regarded as the best sites like Craiglist. The platform is compatible with both Android and iOS apps and is specifically designed for the UK market.

The fact that Gumtree is one of the most visited websites in the country is an indication of its ever-increasing popularity. The site is easy to use and often grant satisfaction to the users. 

Though the site offers multiple categories such as selling of used items or possessions, it is mainly used for people looking for jobs. Here, one can get several job postings. To combat fraudulent ads, the site has implemented rigid screening protocols

14. ADLand Pro

Since its inception in 1998, ADLand Pro has offered online classified ads for free to its users. The platform is available in different countries across the globe and gave stiff competition to Craiglist back in the day. Though the popularity seems to have dropped a little, it is nowhere near to being obsolete. 

The availability of multiple filters makes searching for products and services here easy. You can choose the county you live in and then narrow down the options with ease.

The site is simple and easy to use. Though the platform is free for all, you become an affiliate partner to get some extra income. another great addition to our list of best sites like Craiglist. 

AdLand Pro

Buy and Sell Stuff

These are the best sites like Craiglist that act as substitutes to free online classified sites. The importance or popularity of Craiglist as an online marketplace is undeniable.

You can visit any of these best Craiglist alternatives to sell and purchase services and products. There is always a better alternative to even the most useful websites on the web. You just need to find it to get the desired services!

However, if you know any other site that you use extensively for buying or selling stuff online that you think could be a part of our article. Do let us know and we will update our article with more best sites like Craiglist. 



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