Best Service to Carry Out Masslooking

 November 7, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Many users noticed that after massive views of other people’s stories, their coverage really increased, and new subscribers began to come to their profile.  But this does not work for everyone.  Here, as in any method of promotion, there is a chance to miss.  It is worth evaluating the effectiveness after a month of using masslooking.  If coverage increases by at least 2-3%, this is a good result.

Services for mass viewing – storieviews.com

The effect of mass viewing stories can only be noticeable if there are really many views.  It is almost impossible to achieve the result manually.  It will take a lot of time, plus it is very difficult to filter users and search for accounts to view stories on your own.

The largest service for automatic viewing of stories.  It is very easy to use and understandable.  You don’t need to post tasks here every day.  It is enough to make the setting once, and the service itself will distribute the views for the specified period of time.

To search for a target audience in the service, you need to specify the accounts of competitors, the system will view the stories of their subscribers.  According to the developers, the system can view up to 10 million stories per day.

For example, a user with an account older than three months can put no more than 1440 likes per day.  In the case of mass views of stories, the service can perform up to a million views.  On the one hand, we are talking about really impressive coverage, but here, too, there are some subtleties.

First, the efficiency of masslooking is not higher than that of massfollowing.  If the user learns about a new like or subscriber thanks to a notification, then that someone has viewed his story – only after independent study of statistics.

Secondly, services are viewed by not a million accounts per day.  A million is just the maximum figure that the developers of masslooking services talk about.  The real numbers are below.  Plus, the service counts exactly the number of stories, and one user can steal dozens of them a day.

Thirdly, Instagram has already switched to penalties.  There were always sanctions, it was enough to subscribe for more than 60 people per hour, and an automatic ban was turned on, prohibiting subscriptions for one day or even several days.  Then the so-called “shadow” ban appeared.  For suspicious activity, the user is made “invisible”, the likes he made, subscriptions, comments are not displayed from other users, and posts – temporarily disappear from the feed.

Masslooking is considered a “best” way to promote.  Just like mass following, it is aimed at attracting the attention of users through automatically performed actions in their account.

BC Editorial Team


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