16 Best Samsung Smart TV Apps of 2022

 March 28, 2022

By  Darrell

Do you own Samsung Smart TV? Confused with the plethora of apps to download for your Samsung TV? Do not worry, we have found the best of the best Samsung Smart TV apps of 2022 for you to enjoy your favorite content. 

Which Samsung’s smart TV app is best for enjoying standard video content? The question hits the user’s mind when they think of streaming the content on their Samsung smart TV. 

Apps like Netflix and Disney Plus Hotstar have been in the game for a long time. 

However, the techno world is getting bigger and better; there are hundreds of best Samsung Smart TV apps already getting into the market. With that in mind, we’ve curated the list of best Samsung smart TV apps that give you the endless joy of streaming content. 

The Best Samsung Smart TV Apps of 2022

These best apps for Samsung Smart TV are from various categories that let you enjoy movies, TV Series, live games, etc. While some of the best Samsung Smart TV apps have weather forecasts or TED videos too. 

So, let’s look at the listed best Samsung Smart TV apps and get the best one for you according to your preferences. 

1. Samsung TV Plus 

The first smart app in our hit list keeps your finger on the pulse in Samsung Smart TV Plus. This best Samsung Smart TV app provides you with thousands of channels to stream content online. The app never lets you get bored of watching content. 

You get a booster dose of content from movies to big binge TV shows and kids’ content. Moreover, you can also binge 24×7 news coverage on this app. The Samsung smart TV app is available to download on Smart TVs and Android phones

Plus, you get notifications through email so that you can remain updated with the upcoming shows, current news, and other things. Overall, this could be an excellent app for Samsung Smart Tv and also for your Android phones.

Samsung TV PLus

2. Netflix

The second-best app on our list is Netflix. This OTT platform recently buzzed out as the leading content provider where you can enjoy movies, shows, and other content. There are endless options available to watch and keep yourself entertained. 

Not just the movies and shows, it also provides documentaries to stream online. This is the reason why it became famous worldwide. 

Netflix has been gaining popularity worldwide, and you can also download this on your Samsung Smart TV to stream content online.

Right now, Netflix is also trying its hands on its own exclusive production house to provide the best TV shows like The Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and many more. No app provides huge video content like Netflix.

While the app is free to download, you have to shell out money for a monthly subscription to watch content on Netflix. 


3. HBO Max

HBO Max is a free app that provides you with thousands of online shows, movies, and other content to watch online. The app offers amazing content for everyone in your family

Whether you want to watch the news, movies, or kids’ shows, you get everything on this platform. HBO Max also provides a collection of movies and shows handpicked for the viewers based on their interests. 

This platform is also dedicated to the biggest content, such as Looney Tunes and more. This will be a booster dose of entertainment that never lets you get bored for a while. HBO Max is one of the best Samsung Smart TV apps to stream content on TV.


4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video today is the best Samsung Smart TV app with endless content, including videos and other things. This App brings an immersive collection of movies and TV series which keep on entertaining you. 

Moreover, Amazon Prime Video also releases OTT movies which further enhance the entertainment level. This app doesn’t make you bored, even for a single minute. Amazon Prime is now giving tough competition to Netflix. 

This app makes you buzz content every time you stream content on this platform. It contains an entire collection of drama that keeps you entertained all the time.

Amazon Prime provides you with content from different country zones, so there will be no shortage of content and give you a joyful experience of using this application.

Amazon Prime Video

5. Disney +

Another one in our list of best apps for Samsung Smart TV is Disney+ to watch great content. Pixar, Star War, Marvel, National Geographic, and many more, Disney + is full of drama and entertainment that keep you buzzing all the time. 

Moreover, you also get fans’ favorite content collections, such as Frozen. However, its premium version also provides a big dose of entertainment and allows you to watch live series and other content. 

Unlimited downloads and hundreds of content are available in 4k UHD format, giving you a wonderful experience of watching content online. So download it on your Samsung Smart TVs and start watching.

Disney +

6. TED

Do you love to explore the inspirational videos and talks of world-famous influencers? This app offers TED talk videos of inspiring stars. The best thing is that the application is free, and you don’t need to pay. 

However, you need to make an account first to stream content on this platform. The platform offers endless recordings of the inspirational videos of leading business persons, technical geeks, social media influencers, performers, and many more. 

The content available on this platform is a bit with knowledge respective. You can use this app on your Smart TVs and even mobile devices. This would be an excellent option for the inspirational thought enthusiast


7. Spotify – Music & Podcasts

Spotify is the music and podcast streaming app to listen to your favorite songs on a bigger smart TV screen. You can connect the app and control with your TV remote and enjoy listening to your favorite songs. 

Spotify is available for free, and its premium version is also available. If you want to enjoy music without added interruption, this is the best app. The best thing about this app is you can also get podcasts

If you like to enjoy music with high sound quality, this is one of the best Samsung Smart TV apps to download. 

Moreover, you can also create your playlist on this platform and play the list easily without worrying about searching for music. The app is available on both smartphones and Smart TVs both. 

Whether you go, this app will become your travel time partner and let you enjoy music. Now, you can download this app on Smart TVs and groove to your favorite music.


8. Vudu 

Vudu is a video content app that is available to download for free on Samsung Smart TVs. You can watch content like movies, TV shows, and live series on this app. What makes you click the app is it comes with night kid-safe mode, so you can easily stream content without worrying about your child. You can buy and rent movies or TV shows and a monthly subscription is also available

You can also watch your favorite content in 4k UHD, which further enhances the joy of watching content on smart TVs. 

Moreover, you can also set the privacy options and agree on their privacy policy, like not selling my personal information. This is a free app, so you can easily get the best content for free too without any worries.


9. Hulu 

Do you want to watch web series, movies, and other content on your Samsung Smart TV? If yes, the Hulu app is best suited for you. This app provides you with endless movies, TV shows, news, the latest releases, and many more. 

Hulu comes with a streaming library in which you can watch more than 50 live TV shows, on-demand movies and web series, and many more. 

It also includes thousands of TV channels like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, NBC, etc. Since this is a free version, there will be a minute disturbance of the ads. 

However, you can enjoy ad-free streaming by having premium plans

The best thing about having the Hulu app is watching live sports shows and news right on this platform. This means there will be no shortage of content on Hulu.


10. YouTube TV 

YouTube is also gaining popularity these days as it provides you with thousands of shows, movies, serials, and web series to watch for free. You can record content from more than 85 networks and stream online from YouTube TV. 

The platform also supports cable network channels like NBC, FOX, local news, and sports channels. The best thing about having YouTube TV is that this app is free, and you can watch your favorite TV shows online without waiting for a 4k resolution. 

The recordings will be stored for nine months, and you can also choose its premium plan for adding a free experience of watching content. The app is available to download on Smart TV, smartphones, computer, and laptops. So, you can easily stream content from this application on any device.

YouTube TV

11. Nat Geo TV 

Are you fond of wildlife and national geography content? If so, then this application is for you. You can stream the shows of the National Geography channels online through this application. Moreover, you can watch the latest shows of Nat Geo and Nat Geo Wild for free on this platform. 

This would be an excellent application for wildlife content lovers. This best Samsung Smart TV app is free, and you can stream content online from any of your devices.

However, you cannot stream other content and movies on Nat Geo TV, but it would be great to watch content like Wildlife. 

NatGeo TV

12. AccuWeather – Weather for Life

AccuWeather is one of the best Samsung Smart TV apps for watching the weather report and forecasts for free. The app is reliable enough to get the weather forecast for 15 days and send you weather alerts about rain, storm, and ice storms.

Moreover, you can also watch hourly-based forecast reports and know the weather conditions within the next 24 hours.

Keep in mind that this application is only for watching the weather report and the best thing about this application is that it will be updated every hour. This means you get the correct report about the weather and its forecasting every time. According to the weather report, this best weather app for Samsung Smart TV  is great for doing things of personal interest and planning your day. 


13. Plex

The next best app for the Samsung Smart TV is Plex. This app will allow you to watch the content online. It can also be installed on your Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. The media content you see on this platform is visibly stunning and has a clean interface.

Instead of streaming records from a service, PLEX allows you to construct your video collections on a media server and broadcast them to whichever device you like. While PLEX is available on practically any device, it looks especially well on Samsung Smart TVs.

Suppose a DIY video streaming service appears to be a lot of effort and a lack of knowledge. In that case, you’ll be surprised to learn that the PLEX has greatly improved in recent years, making it ultra-easy to set up and inconceivably versatile as one of the best service providers in the area of video streaming.


14. Steam Link

Stream Link is a perfect app for gamers who love to stream games online. With this best Samsung Smart TV app, users can easily play games on their favorite devices like Computers, Mac, Smart TVs, and even mobile devices. 

Its setup is extremely simple and straightforward; users don’t feel trouble installing this application on their Smart TVs. By downloading the Stream Link, users can enjoy playing games on the Samsung TV with 4k UHD resolution, which is amazing. 

You can also optimize the hundreds of games to enjoy the stuff as you like. The application is free, and now you need new Firmware to install the application and watch the content of games online.

Stream Link

15. Echelon

This is another best Samsung Smart TV app for fitness freaks who like exercising at home and staying fit. The Echelon app is now available on Samsung app stores, so you can easily download and watch live on-demand fitness programs and live videos based on your comfort and convenience. 

This app is available almost around the globe, and this would be an excellent way to stay fit and watch training programs by the experts without paying anything.

Echelon is available for free, and you can enjoy on-demand fitness programs on this platform without paying anything. 


16. UltraFlix

UltraFlix is the leading streaming channel and application which provides you with high-resolution content to watch online. This platform features more than 200 hours of free and paid content online. This best app for Samsung Smart TV gives access to NP1 and 4K Tv to the huge library of 4k UHD videos worldwide. 

This application is also free to access, and you can easily stream content on the platform. All you have to do is download the application and explore the content.

This is one of the best Samsung Smart TV apps that also allows you to stream movies and other content on this platform and is easy to use on other platforms. 


Enjoy your Favorite Content on Samsung Smart TV

In a nutshell, these are the best Samsung Smart TV apps available to use. You can use any of these best apps for Samsung Smart TV and get the booster dose of the movies, drama, action, news, live sports, and much more. 

The best thing about these Samsung Smart TV apps is all are available to stream content with 4K UHD resolution, which further enhances your experience of watching content online. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best Samsung Smart TV app and start streaming content on your TV.

Also, using any other best Samsung Smart TV apps that you think could be a hit on our list? If yes, do let us know in the comments section below. 



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